Trending Tips Tuesday: How To Get MerMaid Looking Hair!!

Hello My Friends!!

Please don’t feel like your Captain Frugalista has left the boat!! I have been a bit absent, but only due to the fact that my weekend consisted of running too many errands, attending one event after another, doing some charitable work, and getting all ready for the most exciting week of all: Fashion’s Night Out on 9/6 and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York!! 🙂


Now, yours truly was scheduled to attend NY starting 9/5, but since my lil’ ones have been a bit sick, I haven’t had the nerves to leave them like that!! Sometimes is hard to do the right thing but it has to be done anyways! Maybe I will get the courage to go towards the end of the week! 🙂

As part of my T3 Haute Series, I will give you the insights about my hair care!! Is not a secret that I love Princess Ariel and her long red hair. Many of you don’t know this, but I’m naturally Goldilocks blonde; however, since I dyed my hair cherry red 6 yrs ago, I have NEVER changed my hair color again. I have decided to share some tips and some of my own tricks! I know some of you have waited for this, but just remember I’m not a professional but only a lover of hair care! 🙂

Here Goes My Top 3 Tips & Frugalicious Outfit!!


* Nordstrom Black Embellished Blouse
* Guess ‘Black Glitter’ Gray Jeans
* BCBG Max Azria Black ‘Star Padlock’ Clutch
* Christian Louboutin Peep Toe Heels
* Shoedazzle Coral & Turquoise Cuff and Stone Earrings


1. KNOW Your Hair: Do you think that it doesn’t make a difference the type of shampoo you use? Well, think again!! It makes ALL the difference! Hair care products specialize on the needs of different hair types. If you treat, color or consistently blow dry your hair, then you need products with extra moisture and protection that will cover those needs.

As a frugalista, you def don’t want to waste your money or time, so do your hair research! take your time to choose a product, allocate some time to investigate the ingredients, read online reviews, and so forth. This will give you the best information on what to look for and what to buy.

Your hair is more than just something that covers you from the cold or gets you hot during the summer. Is the one thing that frames your face, and can complement your features or make them look less attractive.

2. Shampoo EVERY OTHER day: Shampoo strips your hair from its natural oils, which means that it leaves it open to breakage and damage. Now, If you go to the gym or do physical activities that make you sweat or get your hair dirty, then it’s best to switch the shampoo for a 2+1 and then finish with the conditioner.

There are all types of shampoos and conditioners, and its important to know what they contain. For example, avoid products with sulfates, sulfur, sulfide and anything that is remotely close to those words! Best things are those that contain natural emollients, jojoba oils, avocado oil, Macadamia nut oil or coconut oil! You want to smell fruity and delicious anyways, right? For a longer list of products to avoid and use, go to TightlyCurly.Com, there you will find an incredible list in alphabetical order!

Is also recommended,  to use a cleansing shampoo at least once a month to get rid of build-up from hair products, and throughly reinvigorate your hair. Is important that when blow drying, using flat-iron or curling your hair, you always use a leave in product or serum that will create a protective barrier between the heat and your hair. Not doing so, might make your hair very fragile, prompt to breakage, dandruff (dryness) and bring split ends, and we don’t want any of those! Besides, finishing products give you shine and healthy looking hair. 🙂


3. CUT Your Hair Frequently: Is a mistake to think that the less you cut your hair, the faster it will grow! WRONG!!! Au Contraire my friends, the more you cut it, the more it grows!! If you want to mimic Ariel and have long locks, then the right way to do it is by getting rid of dead hair (ends) and promoting health on the roots!

The hair on the tips gets more damage and breakage, because is not directly receiving the natural oils that your scalp releases, and is getting the most from outside products (serum, mousse, etc); therefore, it starts loosing its natural shine and strength, and begins to split. Besides, when you cut your hair, you give it life and a fresh look that makes you feel more confident and beautiful. I will let you know that I cut mine EVERY month and a half… 🙂

Now, MY OWN TRICKS Besides My Tips!!!!

* Cold Water & Air: It has been proven that washing you hair and showering with cold water, I know is hard when freezing, has many advantages for healthy looking skin and hair. Washing you hair with cold water, closes the scalp’s cuticle and prevents hair from keeping the dirt in and becoming dull. When blowing-out or ironing your hair, ALWAYS finish with a shot of cold air, which will give your hair a boost of shine and that magazine-looking styling we all want!

* Mayo: Yes!! As in mayonnaise! As in that buttery, oily and greasy thing we all love to put in our sandwiches and salads! I see your jaw dropping there but yes! That’s my BEST-KEPT Hair Secret!! I do it EVERY 2 weeks and love it!! I prefer using the one that brings Olive Oil, as this is another fabulous thing for healthy hair. Mayonnaise has eggs, which have proteins that make your hair healthy and shiny, as well as natural oils that moisturize your hair.


+ Put sufficient mayo to entirely cover your hair on a little dish, cause you don’t want to be double dipping, right?!!
* Wear an old pj shirt or something that you won’t mind getting greasy, because the mayo might drip.
+ Detangle your hair and start putting the mayo EVERYWHERE! from roots to ends, using enough to saturate the hair.
+ Leave it in for about 5hrs or a bit more if you want.
+ Rinse it off with COLD water and then shampoo and condition as usual!
+ As a last task, try it and let me know how it goes! Feedback is always appreciated!


Got Any Hair Tricks Of Your Own?? Remember: It’s Always a Matter of Class Not Cash!!

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42 thoughts on “Trending Tips Tuesday: How To Get MerMaid Looking Hair!!

  1. You have gorgeous hair! I could never grow my hair that long! I love your tip about using a clarifying shampoo because I do that once a month too and it really helps to get rid of the buildup in my hair and I think it also helps to use a new shampoo every once in a while because your hair gets used to it fast. Lol I’ve heard of the mayo trick too but I hate mayo so I can’t even get myself to try and cover my whole hair with it! I am considering doing the coconut oil trick though!


  2. I really like your message at the end of this post that “it’s always a matter of class not cash.” Way too many people think that in order to look good, they have to spend an arm and a leg on products that will help them get there. Your hair tips prove that mindset to be completely wrong. I have heard about the mayo tip quite a few times but have never tried it myself. I think it’s because it just seems to unnatural to coat your hair with a condiment.


    1. Aleja!! My hair is curly too!! Blog and curls!! Trust me! Mayo will help!! Yo know that colombian actress that did that novela Cafe? Well, if not google and youll see what Im talking about!!


  3. I’m so lazy with my haircare. Only recently brought a conditioner for my ends…great post though I’ve learned a lot. After my staring at those shoes~ xoxo


      1. Awww thank you ❤ I love your hair, especially the colour! I've just got these flyaways that make it really hard to do the flawless ponytail or bun. xoxo


  4. Your hair looks so beautiful and healthy! Thank you for sharing great tips for keeping our hair healthy. I’ll remember not to purchases any products with sulfates.


  5. I use products from my kitchen for my hair and skin with the disbelief of all my friends, who spend lot of money in beauty farms. The kitchen is a mine for natural remedies and treatments. Have you ever tried beer in you hair? Put some on the hair to nourish, some on the skin for a golden tan and drink the rest to feel good. You will thank me. Ciao.


  6. Luv it! Your hair is truly beautiful for being so long! I always give my hair at least 1-2 days depending on how I styled it or what products I used.


    1. hey Jenni! thank you for your kind words and always supporting my posts! I enjoy yours as well 😉 thanks! Im kinda a sucker for hair LOL! I agree with u! a couple of days its best to avoid over drying the hair.


  7. Now I know what to give you this Christmas! A big jar of Mayo! Awesome post, Dee! I always wonder how you keep those hair long and oh-so-pretty. (I had mined this long many moons ago :-() and yes cold water does the trick for healthy looking hair.. never had issues with my hair back in my hometown (we didn’t need hot shower basically!) as soon as I got here in the UK, things changed, plus I went crazyyy with hair dyes at one point LOL. Not anymore.. keeping it short and black now. 🙂 Thanks for your wonderful tips!


    1. Hey D!! catching up now!! mayo as a gift? no! I want my bean with a lil bean brunching at y house!!! that would be a present!!! mayo does the trick for sure!!! and cold water its the ebst for healthy skin too!


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