Thrilling Threads Thursday: Uncover My Secrets & DIYs!

My Dear Frugalistas!!

Welcome to Thrilling Threads Thursday: A place for DIYs, crafts, lifestyle inspiration and fashion resourcefulness. Here you will find my ideas, as well as those of fellow amazing bloggers, who would put MacGyver to shame! 🙂

If you have an idea for a DIY, would like some help or guidance on a project (remember I’m def no expert) or want to share a fashion DIY, please email them to me!! I would love to read your stories, styling dilemmas, craft projects and comments. I want to share your talent and collaborate with you! 🙂

For this week, I’ve decided to Thrill you guys by answering some questions about myself!! I’ve received 4 awards this week thanks to some wonderful bloggers and I’m breaking the rules and just giving them to YOU!! I can’t only nominate a few, so I’ve decided that as my reader you deserve to receive these awards!! So go ahead, Grab them, share them and spread the love!! The only Rule: leave me a comment letting me know you’re taking it/them and link me back If you share them! 🙂


1. If you could pick any view in the world for your home, what view would you want to see out of your windows? The city!! I have lived in the beach and woke up with the ocean breeze and blue endless water, but there is nothing that I love more than the vibrancy and lights of a downtown city view.

2. What is your favorite place to shop? I loveeeee Nordstrom!! They have the best savvy-shopping section, a huge juniors dept. (s-xl), great frugal brands, excellent customer service and even personal stylists on sight!! And no, I’m not a spokesperson for them, though I must say: I wish I was!!

3. Who is your celebrity crush? OMG! What a tricky question! I must say I’m slightly inclined to Ian Somerhalder and Chris Evans aka Capt America & Johnny Storm.

4. What is your fashion style? Well… classic-chic with a bit of a trendy edge to it but always very feminine and sophisticated! Lover of all things embellished! Does it make any sense? Let’s just say Eclectic then 🙂

5. Who or what is your fashion inspiration? Everything can be inspiring! From an old picture to an animal, hence the love for leopards and zebras. As to people, it all started with Cinderella, and the story of the “right shoe”; but, I have always had a weakness for Audrey, Grace, Marilyn, Princess Di, Gabrielle aka Coco and Liz. More currently Ms. Palermo.

6. What is your favorite song? I have so many!! I love anything OASIS, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aerosmith, Coldplay and of course: U2!!!!

7. If you had an extra empty room, what would use it for? As a shoe closet!! I have about 50 shoe boxes on top of my closet because there isn’t more room around (mind you, I own about 150 pairs) So I have a little ladder always handy in my bathroom to reach those that are on top! :/

8. What is your dream career? Thankfully, I’m kinda living the dream. I love Writing & Styling! Expressing myself in words is the best feeling in the world! Been able to have people read my thoughts, my ideas and share theirs is just AMAZING!!
With Styling is all about helping other people see their beauty and true worth. Is more than clothes! I would love to take it up a notch and dress somebody on a couture one-of-a-kind Valentino, Dior or Marchesa gown!! Hey, a girl can dream!!

9. What is your favorite movie? Anything Hitchcock!! Very passionate about ‘The Birds’, ‘Vertigo’, ‘Psycho’ and ‘The 39 Steps’.

10. What is your favorite TV show? Sorry but I’m a funny fashion girl so Gossip Girl, project runway, The Big Bang Theory (c’mon, who doesn’t love Sheldon Cooper?), Royal Pains,

11. What is your favorite food? I’m a big eater and foodie so I love Colombian (of course!), Mexican, Thai and Japanese but my FAVE is Mediterranean food!!! I LOVE Baklava (Recipe Here From SophistiMom!), grape leaves, kibbee nayee, shawarma, fatoush, tabouleh and hummus!! Curious? Click here to check a menu!

Now Is Your Turn! Answer Any or All The Questions or Comment On Mine! Let’s Uncover Each Other Secrets! 🙂 Remember: It’s Always a Matter of Class Not Cash!!

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Enjoy & Share!!


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+Cinderella and Shoe Closet Pic taken from my Pinterest 🙂

63 thoughts on “Thrilling Threads Thursday: Uncover My Secrets & DIYs!

  1. Hi Dee, congrats on the awards – well deserved 🙂 and I am a Nordstrom girl too. Unfortunately there is no Nordstrom here in Austria so when I was in the states last year I went on a CRAZY shopping spree!!! 😀


  2. What is my dream career? I, like you, am living it! I am a relationship expert, writers, and media personality already but I ust have to step it up. Hoping for that next level next spring when I return to school. As for the view? Beach! I live in NYC and am tired of staring at buildings lol.


  3. You know I am all about the Norstrom, we do a giveaway a $50 Nordstrom card, Norstrom Rack is another one of my favorites. My husband recently converted a bedroom in to a closet for me. But I am not housing my shoes in the room only clothes. I am still housing my shoes in two of my bedroom closets. I have never counted my shoes. Ugh… that would be a scary thought.


    1. I know!! I stopped about I realized I could repeat only twice a year! I have noticed that since I went back to styling and writing, I stopped shopping so much? maybe I just needed to go back to work!


  4. If you had an extra empty room, what would use it for?

    I would use it as a library. I would love to have a beautiful space with tons of books and really, really comfy chairs for reading.


  5. I totally agree with what you said about fashion inspiration. And, well, inspiration in general. So many things in this awesome, chaotic, beautiful world are inspiring for a ton of different reasons, and regardless of what one person might think about something, the next can come along and fall in love with a certain element they see or are deeply affected by something that they can then take as a jumping off point to truly reimagine their own style, and, by extension, what they want to say to the world.

    Also, I really love “The Birds” too.


    1. Hey Holly!!
      So happy youre here!! I think that been inspired is what gives us the motivation to keep going and dreaming.
      The birds is so iconic! The suspense and the way its filmed, its just amazing!!


  6. My favorite TV show is also probably one of the worst lol! I love all the Real Housewives brain checks out & it’s hilarious to see what some people will do for a little infamy. Great blog xo


  7. My dream career- I’m only now discovering what that means. A career that makes others happy, teaches, with travel (to visit grandbabies) and public speaking/appearances, that’s financially lucrative, yet leaves me in my comfy home at least 1/2 the month. And if I can do most of it from bed that’s just icing on the cake! ; ) Yep, so far blogging has done this for me (except the financially lucrative, but I’m workin’ on that) and I must say I’m the happiest I’ve been in years.

    Thanks for asking; BB2U.


    1. agreed my Babush!!! I love writing so much and having the chance to experience fashion first hand. Is amazing all that you do and I know that with hardwork it will become more lucrative!!


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