Frugal Finds: 5 Great Gatsby Inspired Styles!

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The Great Gatsby its one of my favorite books. Since the 1st time I read it, the story and the characters truly captivated me. I was a Daisy dreaming of finding my own Gatsby one day. At that moment I was about 13yrs old and a lot has changed ever since; however, I have not lost my fascination for the decadent and opulent 1920’s era. About a year ago in Electric Gatsby I referred to this amazing piece of literature.


The upcoming release of the movie will only bring more attention to flapper dresses, bejeweled headbands, hats, chunky diamonds and short hair. I am more than ready for this maj trend and want you to be as well! So here you have the Top 5 Frugal Fashion Finds inspired by The great Gatsby! Are you looking forward to this new adaptation? Have your read the book? If so, what are your thoughts about it? Do you like 1920’s fashion? Remember: It’s Always a Matter of Class Not Cash!
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Here are my Top 5 finds under $50 that will leave any modern Jay out there, totally and utterly breathless!/ Aquí están mis 5 piezas por menos de $50 que dejarán a cualquier Jay Gatsby totalmente deslumbrado:

Asos Flapper Headband/ Diadema para el Cabello : Made out of pearls and crystals, this bejeweled hair accessorize embodies the romantic yet opulent style of the 1920’s / Hecha con cristales y perlas, esta diadema representa el estilo romantico y opulento de los años 20! $24.94


Coco’s Fortune Fringed Hem Dress/ Vestido de Chiffon con Borde de Flequillos: Delicate sheer chiffon and a detailed hem makes this frugal find a modern version of the flapper dresses / Este delicado vestido en transparencia de chiffon lleva el estilo flapper a una versión más moderna. $41.56


Forever 21 Braided Pearlescent Necklace/ Collar Trenzado en Perlas: This necklace its the perfect Gatsby touch for any outfit. The braided pearls and crystal flower embellishment adds a glam vibe to a maxi dress or simple tee / Este collar es el complemento perfecto para dar un estilo Gatsby a cualquier atuendo. Las perlas y cristales le pueden dar un toque glamuroso a un vestido maxi o a una blusa. $14.80


Oasis Sparkle Stretch Bracelet/ Brazalete con Piedras: This wide-cut arm candy its the ideal complement to a silver-toned crystal/pearl necklace or drop earrings, giving a sophisticated look to any 1920’s inspired style / Este brazalete de corte ancho es ideal para acompañar un collar de piedras o aretes largos en tonos plateados. $26.60



F21 Faux Leather Mary Jane Shoes/ Zapatos estilo Mary Jane: These neutral pumps will add a modern-edgy feel to the classic shapes of the Gatsby style dresses / Estos tacones en tono neutral le da una vibra moderna y atrevida a las siluetas clásicas estilo Gatsby. $29.80


For Juniors/Petite:
Lily Rose Tiered Ruffle Rhinestone Dress/ Vestido con pedrería y pliegues: If you are looking to sparkle, going for this soft pink/nude color with embellishments, its a great way to channel Ms. Daisy! / Este vestido en tono rosa suave con pedrería es la manera perfecta de representar a la Srta. Daisy! $35.20


For Men:
Brooks Brothers released a limited edition of looks inspired by The Great Gatsby/ Edición limitada inspirada en El Gran Gatsby: This collaboration gives every guy the chance to look as dashing and polished as Jay Gatsby / Esta colaboración le da a todos los hombres la oportunidad de lucir sofisticado y refinado como Jay Gatsby.


Hola Amigos!

El Gran Gatsby es uno de mis libros preferidos. Desdebla primera vez que lo leí su historia y los personajes me cautivaron y llevaron a sentirme como Daisy en busca de su propio Gatsby. En ese momento apenas tenía 13 años y much ha cambiado pero mi fascinación por esa era decadente y opulenta no la he perdido. Lee mas en mi artículo anterior Electric Gatsby. La nueva adaptación de este clásico de la literatura americana va a atraer mucha atención a los vestidos estilo Flapper o Charleston, las diademas incrustadas en piedras brillantes, los sombreros redondos, los accesorias en cristales y perlas, y el cabello corto.


Yo estoy super lista para incorporar esta tendencia en mis atuendos, y quiero que tu también lo estés! Por eso he creado eata lista con los 5 articulos por menos de $50 que te ayudaran a llevar a Gatsby a tu closet! Estas interesado en esta nueva película? Has leido el libro, y si es así que tal te parece? Te gusta la moda de los 1920? Recuerda: Es Siempre Una Cuestión de Estilo No De Economía!
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17 thoughts on “Frugal Finds: 5 Great Gatsby Inspired Styles!

  1. Yes! yes and yes! Love that headband from ASOS – soooo cute. 🙂 and I am definitely going to check out the Brooks Brothers collection – I had no idea. Thank you for sharing your awesome finds.


  2. Hi Dee, thank you for posting this on Facebook which is where I discovered it. I really enjoyed reading it so much that I created my own The Great Gatsby board on Pinterest so I can post and share other articles about the movie and the Great Gatsby Fashion inspiration. To be honest I can’t remember if I read the book and I don’t know much about this era but I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie. I’m now following you on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Looking forward to regularly reading your blog. Karen (BalmainBeauty)


  3. Great post! I did one about the Great Gatsby and Carey Mulligan style in it. I can’t wait for the movie to come out!!! I love your findings, the dresses are very pretty and the hair piece is lovely! xoxo


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