Sewing, Nuns & All the Glue In Between!!

I’m a huge fan of DIY Posts. In fact, I often encourage people who know how to do anything I don’t, to write about it. I wish I was more hands-on creative but my talent is not really next to paper and glue.

Funny story is: I went to an all girls private Catholic School (don’t picture mini-skirts and pillow fights!) and we had Crafts as a subject! We were supposed to sow, knit and use foil paper to create metallic paintings. 🙂

From that experience I cherish sewing the most! I love it! It relaxes me and it gives me the opportunity to buy something I love even if it’s 3 sizes larger because I can tailor it to my body! Many of my blouses and dresses have been turned from a size L into a S!


I want to start sharing DIY posts that inspire me and that make me smile! Those that I find on the web or that I think of and that I know would be awesome to try!! I also want to learn from you!

if you are a DIY kinda blogger, or know of some amazing ones, please feel free to comment or pingback on this post! For myself, is all about sharing the love, the knowledge and the experiences! 🙂

* Lulu’s Dress
*Alessandra Gold Vintage Belt
* Jewels by Paradisiac by Mel Rose (not yet available for the public!)

What do you think of my new header! I learned from my Sweet Blogger Friend Donah! Head over there to Learn Too!! Remember: It’s Always a Matter of Class Not Cash!!

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Enjoy & Share!!

Xoxo, DTHF


48 thoughts on “Sewing, Nuns & All the Glue In Between!!

  1. I am not natural when it comes to DIY either…. but I am starting to make more of an effort, because it is something I have always wanted to do!
    I am impressed with your sewing skills…. I have no clue how to! MY husband does and I told him he is going to have to teach me!


  2. so lucky you can sew! I just don’t have the patience to do it properly..though in high school I did floss sew my pants into skinny jeans..which for some reason was popular in my area lol


      1. haha omigosh no. Floss is easy to use. Sewing requires actual skill! x – maybe if I had a sewing machine, but I’m to terrified of the thread threading up my hand or something horrible like that happening lol


  3. Hello Dee! Thanks for the shout out, so nice of you. Definitely loving the banner and how you’ve put everything together. The last pic, I simply love those nails. Want it. 🙂


      1. Wow! $1? That’s so awesome. I think you should do a post whether on a weekly basis about tips on where to get these affordable things. 😉


      2. I know, you’re really busy. You must be really good at organizing your sched and with the kids and everything. Look forward to it. 🙂


      3. Dee, Not sure why you’ve not received it but I replied to you about how to pingback here…
        Basically, when you are about to publish a post but you want, let’s say to ‘ping me back’ or trackback is another work – you either choose either one of my posts to link it, rather than just my url address. You can even let’s say pick the url link for my About or Contact page and I will get a notification that you’ve ping-ed me back there. In your recent posts, you’ve given a shout out for me right as wrote Sweet Blogger Friend Donah – instead of inserting the link as, try doing it with this instead – and if you go to my about page, you will see right at the bottom that you’ve ping-ed me back. Pingback works, when someone linked back to one of your posts or pages, or reblogged your post – I will get a notification if you’ve done any of this for approval. Sorry for the long how to.. hope this helps a little. if not, I am more than happy to include this in my next tutorial tidbits. 😉


  4. Ahhh I am a DIY person too! Unfortunately I didn’t take my sewing classes too well in high school and I wish I knew how to properly sew (I don’t even know how to use a sewing machine…). Liking the header too! 😉


  5. Being able to sew is definitely awesome. I just don’t any talent when it comes to that department LOL. I’m hopeless and I think that’s why my Grandma didn’t pursue teaching me in the end. ha ha. But would be so cool to see your DIY posts here about these things and other things. Look forward to it. 🙂


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