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As a Florida based editor is easy for me to travel to the Caribbean, and Anguilla has been one of my favorite places so far. Their motto is: Tranquility Wrapped In Blue” and trust me, is an understatement. The food is always fresh and flavorful, their beaches are incredibly pristine and filled with beautiful marine life, and their people are warm and welcoming. These pictures were taken in Sandy Island. One of the most interesting beaches I have visited so far and nothing better to wear than a Watermelon Swimsuit

Wearing Forever 21 Watermelon Bikini in Anguilla. Photos By: Devin Galaudet

The small cay off Sandy Ground Beach in Anguilla, has been washed away by more than 3 different hurricanes in the past 10 years, bringing each time a new set of underwater wonders to the shore, including a shipwreck and beautiful dried corals. During my trip to the Islands of Anguilla, I experienced first hand why so many expats call this peaceful island their new home, and why celebs like Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner have chosen it as their new hideout.

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 Wearing Forever 21 Watermelon Bikini in Anguilla. Pic By: Devin Galaudet


Wearing Forever 21 Watermelon Bikini in Anguilla. Pic By: Devin Galaudet

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Como editora basada en la Florida se me hace fácil viajar al Caribe y la Isla de Anguilla ha sido uno de mis lugares favoritos hasta este momento. La comida es fresca y con mucho sabor, las playas son privadas y con una gran diversidad de vida marina, y sus habitantes son calurosos y muy gentiles. Estas fotos fueron tomadas en Sandy Island. Una de las playas más interesantes que he visitado y que mejor atuendo que un Vestido de Bano de Patillas


El pequeño cayo cerca de Sandy Ground Beach en Anguilla ha sido fuertemente sacudido por más de 3 huracanes durante los últimos 3 años, lo que ha traido una interesante variedad de maravillas acuáticas, incluyendo un naufrajio y corales secos de todos los colores y tamaños. Durante este viaje experimente porque muchos turistas han decidio quedarse en la isla y porque celebridades como Justin Bieber y Kendall Jenner la han escogido como el nuevo lugar para tener unas vacaciones íntimas.

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Wearing Forever 21 Watermelon Bikini in Anguilla. Pic By: Devin Galaudet

Wearing Forever 21 Watermelon Bikini in Anguilla

Photos By: Devin Galaudet

10 thoughts on “Best Beach in Anguilla

  1. Anguilla looks great! When I lived in the States, I was bored with the Caribbean and Mexico and wished to travel somewhere more foreign. After living six years in Europe, I’ve seen most of Europe and dream of a tropical island holiday.


  2. I love living in Florida, but I’d love to visit Anguilla! What a beautiful beach and a lovely sunset. What a wonderful time you must have had.


  3. That beach is gorgeous (and your swimsuit is so cute)! This definitely makes me want to visit. And if it has good food my husband will be all about it too. Food and travel is my jam.


  4. This looks like such a wonderful place to vacation. You are so fortunate to have been able to visit Anguilla. I can not believe how blue the sky is and I love your bathing suit too!


  5. Such stunning scenery. You look like you had a fantastic time. Really like to look for seashells and the coral sounds amazing. I have a seashell collection and also some coral. I love the bathing suit on you. Reminds me of a two piece I had a few years ago.


  6. I have never been to Anguilla,but I have always wanted to go there as one of my yearly girl trips. Based on your descriptions it seems like a really cool place and I love how beautiful the beach is in you pictures.


  7. I would love to visit any beach, but this one definitely sounds unique! The washed up shipwreck would be amazing, but I’d also love to see the dried coral that has washed up during the hurricanes. The sand and water looks absolutely beautiful!


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