Clearly Starstrucked With Dove!

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Confidence: the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something. What do you rely on? Yourself? Your family? Perhaps your significant other? How many times have you questioned your trust in yourself? How often do you wonder if you are been confident or if others perceive you as been confident? Having that trust in oneself determines our path, whether that might be career or love, because it gives us the push to go after what we want and believe in it. But its easier said than done…

When I had my children, part of that confidence in myself, slipped away. Sleepless nights, no “me” time and body changes, can take a toll in the way you see yourself. It did on me and getting that back has been one of the hardest things to do. Early this year, I had a small injury under my arm which left me with a dark mark. I think that was the last drop for me. Feeling embarrassed of even saying hi from afar, specially when you are as bubbly as me, it’s not a cool thing at all! That’s when I found my new BFF: Dove Clear Tone.

OOTD: Charlotte Russe Blouse, Alma Mei Skirt, Christian Louboutin Pumps, Jessica Simpson Clutch, Accessory Fanatic Necklace & Bracelets

Dove Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant is designed to reduce red and dark marks caused by shaving, and it leaves underarm skin more even-looking. As an added benefit, Pink Rosa has a floral and fruity rose and raspberry blossom scent, so Dove Clear Tone smells delicious while nourishing your skin and soothing irritation. It made the dark mark lighter, and although I don’t sweat much unless I’m upset, it really keeps the area dry and scented all day.

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The One and Only Mademoiselle C: Carine Roitfeld
The One and Only Mademoiselle C: Carine Roitfeld
Sex and The City moment with Patricia Fields
Sex and The City moment with Patricia Fields

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Confianza: seguridad o creencia firme en algo o en alguien. En que crees tú? En ti mismo? En tu familia? En tu pareja? Cuantas veces te has questionado a ti mismo? Cuantas veces te haz preguntado si tienes confianza o si los demás perciben que la tienes? Tener esa creencia en uno mismo determina nuestro camino, ya sea en el amor o la profesión, porque nos dá el empujón para ir detrás de lo que queremos y creer que lo vamos a obtener. Sin embargo es más fácil decirlo que hacerlo…

Cuando tuve a mis hijos perdí parte de esa confianza. Las noches de insomnio, la falta de tiempo para uno misma y los cambios corporales, se vuelven una carga en la manera como nos vemos frente al espejo. A mí me sucedió y no hay nada más difícil que poder recuperar esa seguridad en quién uno es. Luego tuve una pequeña lesión debajo de mi brazo, la cual dejó una marca oscura, y eso fué lo último que pude tolerar! Sentir pena al decir Hola de lejos es un sentimiento muy incómodo, hasta que encontré mi nuevo mejor amigo: Dove Clear Tone!

Carrying My Ploosh Hippo w Vincent de Paul
Carrying My Ploosh Hippo w Vincent de Paul

El Desodorante Dove Clear Tone está específicamente formulado con extracto de Calendula y Girasoles, para reducir las manchas y enrojecimiento causadas por la irritación de las afeitadoras, y dar un mejor tono a la piel. Ademas que la fragancia Pink Rose tiene notas de florarels y frutales de rosas y frambuesas, dejando la piel humectada y con un olor delicioso. Me ayudó a aclarar la marca, y aunque no transpiro mucho a menos que esté enojada, me mantiene el área seca y con un perfume todo el día.

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Jessica White, Elena Kurnosova, Julie Henderson
Jessica White, Elena Kurnosova and Julie Henderson

35 thoughts on “Clearly Starstrucked With Dove!

  1. i love your style and that Alma mei skirt is just fab! I posted this picture on I am so sure ppl are gonna love you


  2. dee, that skirt is so hot! ! 😉 i’ve used dove a couple of times in the past..i don’t use it anymore :/ but i have friends who do! so i would give it to them 🙂 my tip for good skin, drink lots of water and get rest! uhhm and for getting confidence always smile and think positive!!


  3. When I first came to your blog, I didn’t even imagine you were a mum!! You look great!! What I do when I start feeling down due to my skin. problems is I start using serums regularly.. then when it starts getting back to normal I tend to neglect it.. this goes on in a cycle 😛 .. n recently I am trying to drink more water.. ❤


  4. I’d love to try the Dove Clear Tone Dee… You look great neverthless.. I doubt if there’s anything at all that you’d need to hide xx Chaicy


  5. I am a dove user. To get a luminous skin, I drink lots of water and get enough sleep. Furthermore, I take care of my skin well by having a rigid skin regimen in the morning and night. I don’t smoke and drink coffee, but instead drink green tea.


  6. A balanced diet , drinking plenty of water and using the right skin products are the key to radiant skin


  7. I’ve never heard of this product before. I’ll have to find out more about this. You look stunning in the photos btw


  8. I feel luminous by using products like Dove, makes me feel fresh and clean all day. I always like to get a new haircut or a new outfit to make me feel good & get my confidence flowing.


  9. It’s always a treat to find a skin care product that works for your skin! Congratulations on finding something that works for you!


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