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Hello My Stylish Friends!
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Who doesn’t love supermodel looking hair, a manageable mane and perfect styling? I certainly do! There isn’t a thing that makes me feel more polished than having my hair looking flawless! It doesn’t happen very often, as it takes me too long to blow dry my hair, but when it does its usually a professional’s doing! Enter here my new go-to obsession: Bdry Blow Bar! Look at my before and after pics!! From dull looking hair to shiny locks! Its INSANE!!

I’m totally in love with this Miami Beach salon! Super chic white walls and furniture, mixed with a pop of turquoise accessories, and celebrity hairstylists, make this beauty salon feel like a luxury destination! but wait!, this wouldn’t be a frugalicious post unless there was a bargain included! The prices are out of this world!! $35 for a full blow out or pro make-up application? Sign me in! It’s totally ridic! This place its a best-kept celebrity favorite, and with their array of professional hair care lines and make-up services, it’s no wonder why every fashionista out there is buzzing about it!

I want you to try the amazingness and come back raving like Moi, so I’m giving away 2 gift cards for whatever style or make-up you want! Do you want to feel like a bombshell today? Then the exotic might just be the one for you! perhaps its a business meeting you’ve been waiting for? then the sleek has your name written on it! The best its that this techy-ready salon has ipads in every counter (hello fabulousity!) which are ready with wi-fi for customers to browse pictures, find style inspirations or show their hair crush while sipping on champagne!

Are you ready to get pampered for FREE?? Perhaps look radiant for Christmas, New Years or Valentine’s Day?? Then Get Ready!!! There will be 2 winners of 1 Gift Card each (for Blow out or Make-up). Selected at random for all the entries. Participants MUST Do the Mandatory Entries to be eligible to enter. Gift card can be transferable with written authorization from me. Contest will run from Nov 11th/12 to Nov 25th. One winner per gift card. Not redeemable in cash value but only in services. Winner must make an appointment and state that comes from ‘The Haute Frugalista’ Giveaway. Winner must show proof of ID with given winning name in order to claim services. Prize can be redeemed UNTIL February 28th/12. Links are in Blue!

Here are the MANDATORY rules (count as 1 entry):
 * Sign up to this blog via email (not wordpress).
* Like BDry FB Page.
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* Follow HauteFrugalista on Twitter.
* Follow BdryBlowBar on Twitter.
* Leave a comment on this BLOG with your full name, email address & accounts used to sign up/follow, and say what would you like to do with the prize if you won!

Are you a Social Maven and want ADDITIONAL entries? (each count as 1 so Feel free to leave a comment for each entry):
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* Share (as many times as you want) Via ANY social media this giveaway with a direct link to it and leave the link here!

Remember: It’s Always A Matter of Class Not Cash!
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Celebrity Hairstylist Rene Flores

Hola Mis Amigos Con Mucho Estilo!!

A quien no le gusta tener el cabello como una supermodelo? Una cabellera manejable y estilizada todo el tiempo? A mi por supuesto que si!! No hay algo que me haga sentir mas arreglada que tener el cabello luciendo hermoso y saludable. No pasa muy frecuentemente porque me toma mucho tiempo secarme mi larga melena, asi que me toca recurrir a los especialistas! Entra aqui mi nueva obsesion: BDRY BlowBar en Miami Beach. Simplemente mira mis fotos antes y despues! de un cabello seco y opaco a uno reluciente!! Que diferencia!!!

Me encanta este salon de belleza!! Dejame decirte la decoracion y ambiente es muy chic y sofisticado, con paredes blancas y accesorios turquesa que te hacen sentir como que has llegado a un destino lujoso, pero sin tener que pagar el precio de uno. Ademas de que tiene un equipo de estilistas de celebridades, y secado/ blow out o aplicacion de maquillaje profesional solo cuestan $35!! Puedes creeerlo? Con razon celebridades y jet-setters no dejan de hablar de BDRY Blowbar! Quiero que prueben lo increible que es este lugar, asi que estoy dando 2 tarjetas de regalo para quienes quieran participar en este concurso y recibir servicios gratis!! Te quieres sentir como una modelo? o tal vez tengas una reunion profesional? En este salon, que solo usa productos profesionales especializados para el cabello, te vas a sentir como una reina o rey con sus iPads listos con wi-fi para que busques inspiracion o te entretengas tomando una copa de champagne!

Estas lista para ser consentida GRATIS?? Tal vez lucir radiante para Navidad o San Valentin? Entonces alistate! Habran 2 ganadores(as). Un ganador por premio. Cada tarjeta sera redimida por 1 areglo de cabello (blow out) o por una aplicacion de maquillaje. Ganadores seran seleccionados a suerte a traves de la cantidad de entradas que hagan todos los participantes. Participantes DEBEN realizar las entradas mandatorias para ser elgibles para este sorteo sino seran descalificados. El premio es TRANSFERIBLE (familiar, amigo(a), caridad, etc) solamente con permiso escrito de parte mio. El sorteo sera de Nov 11/12 a Nov 25/12. Premio no es redimible por dinero sino solamente por servicios en BDRY BlowBar. Ganador debe hacer una cita previa y decir que gano el concurso en ‘The Haute Frugalista’. Ganador(a) debe mostrar identificacion con el nombre ganador o los servicios no seran dados. Premios pueden ser redimidos hasta Febrero 28/12. Los enlances directos estan en Azul!

Estas son las reglas MANDATORIAS (cuentan como una entrada):
 * Subscribete a este blog a traves de tu email (no wordpress). Lo haces en la parte derecha donde dice DTHF Email/Correo.
 * Haz ‘Me Gusta’ BDry FB Pagina.
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 * Sigue HauteFrugalista en Twitter.
 * Sigue BdryBlowBar en Twitter.
 * Deja un comentario en este BLOG con tu nombre, email, nombre en las redes sociales usadas y que te gustaria hacer con el premio si lo ganas!.

Eres un experto en redes sociales? Entonces Anade estas entradas adicionales (cada entrada cuenta como una asi que deja un comentario por cada una que hagas):
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 * Comparte a traves de CUALQUIER red social (cuantas veces quieras) con un enlace directo a este sorteo y deja el enlace de tu mensaje aqui.

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Hair By BDRY BlowBar.

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18 thoughts on “Social Spotlight: BDRY BlowBar Giveaway!!

  1. * Sign up to this blog via email (not wordpress). DONE
    * Like BDry FB Page. DONE SONIA GUERRA
    * Like HauteFrugalista FB Page. DONE SONIA GUERRA
    * Follow HauteFrugalista on Twitter. DONE @BBabushka
    * Follow BdryBlowBar on Twitter. DONE @BBabushka
    * Leave a comment on this BLOG with your full name, email address & accounts used to sign up/follow, and say what would you like to do with the prize if you won!

    Would love to use this for my wedding. Gracias for the giveaway!!


  2. Boys everywhere! Take note, you can get a dashing haircut in Miami for $35. Let me repeat. For only $35 you can get a dashing haircut Miami. Now thats well less than what most ‘mens only’ hair salons charge our kind these days. And Im Canadian. Even from our standard this is inexpensive. So should you find yourself in the happenstance of having to choose between two places to settle, all else being equal, always pick Miami!. For the haircut affordability factor. Now im firing my barber.


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