I’m Dee Trillo
Welcome to My Blog!

I’m a Fashion, Travel, Beauty, and Lifestyle Expert. On-Air Host and Spokesperson. I have a passion for Writing, Fashion, Shopping, Blogging, Styling, Culture, Literature and Art!

In this bilingual blog I combine High Fashion, Savvy-Shopping, Street-Style, Outfit Styling, Beauty Tips & Tricks, Exclusive Interviews, Fashion Events, Art, Culture, Fashion DIY’s and Literature!

This blog, and myself, have been featured on NBC, Telemundo, Huffington Post, Style Network, Miami Herald, Ocean Drive Magazine, Yahoo TV, Fashion One TV, CBS, Fox News, Glam.com, Latina Magazine, and many other outlets.

My Motto? Remember: It’s Always a Matter of Class Not Cash!!

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36 thoughts on “♥DEE TRILLO♥

  1. Because you’re my own unofficial personal stylist, I have a question. I found some really cute Oleg Cassini sunglasses online (living social). They have a pearl white frame with a gold emblem on the sides. They look cute, but I haven’t worn white sunglasses before… Out of my zone. I’m not familiar with all the brands but want to know if you were familiar and if you thought these were stylish and worth the $44!? Would love your opinion! I want a new pair for when I’m struttin’ my stuff in MIA…. Not so much, but I do like them. Lol! BTW, you should consider a section on your site where people can ask you for fashion advice! (or do you already and didn’t see it?!) xoxo


    1. Hi Kelley!!
      Im so glad you wrote me! I normally get emails and Im always open to feedback or questions! I think is a great idea for me to post the questions on a separate page!
      Ive never even done a post about style questions bc I keep them private but next time Ill ask the reader if they would like to be featured and post it here! 🙂
      would you like me to reply by email or would you like me to do a post about it? Send me the link! Im more than happy to help you browse more options!


      1. It’s well deserved so you’re very welcome! Thanks a mill! Avril xXx


  2. Thanks for liking my West Side Story post and signing up. Good luck with your blog! I agree fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. I’m always looking for bargains.


    1. Thanks for visiting Lisa! Im a huge fan of films and literature and always interested in reading about that so I find your blog super interesting!
      Hope you find my posts helpful and if theres anything that youll like me to find for you or write about, just let me know!! I love suggestions!


    1. Thanks so much Leah!! (btw love the name!!) I definitely enjoy writing and sharing my finds and Im glad you like it!! I know first hand how fun but challenging is with children and work and is cool to find people that have awesome things to share like yourself!
      Def keeping in touch!!


  3. Hey! Thanks for finding my blog and following–it means I found your totally cool blog and can follow you back. Love the entire idea of what you’re doing and can’t wait to read more posts. XX 🙂


    1. Thanks Nicky!! It means a lot to me that you liked it and that youre following as I am doing as well! Im trying everyday to learn and improve and any feedback is more than appreciated!


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