How To Make Flower Crowns Tahiti Style

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When it comes to bucket list beach destinations I can assure you that The Islands of Tahiti are at the top of every single one of them.

Some of the traits that make this place so tempting are their colorful corals, fresh tropical fruits, perfect lounging weather, and an insta-worthy ocean with about 50 different shades of blue, turquoise and green water.


Visiting the islands of Bora Bora, Mo’orea and Pa’peyete was an incredible experience where I learned about the Polynesian culture, landscape, cuisine, language, and folklore traditions.

One of them includes welcoming visitors with a necklace made of fresh flowers, and during my stay I became obsessed with wearing flower crowns every where I went. I even got lessons and made my own. After all: who doesn’t want to look like an island princess?


They are easy to make. Just grab a fabric covered aluminum wire and fresh or fake flowers with long stems. This would make it quicker to wrap the flowers around the wire. It was amazing to wear them and feel the perfume of the Monoï flowers around me. I have bought many flower crowns before, but nothing beats the real thing!

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Las Islas de Tahiti son uno de los destinos que todo viajero suena con conocer. Algunas de las cosas que las hacen tan especial son sus coloridos corales, frutas tropicales frescas, clima ideal para asolearse, y un océano con mas de 50 tonos de azules y verdes que son perfectos para crear imagines virales en Instagram.

Visitar Bora Bora, Mo’orea y Pa’peyete fue una experiencia increíble donde pude aprender sobre la cultura de la Polinesia Francesa, su gastronomía, language, y tradiciones. Durante mi estadía me enamoré de las coronas de flores e incluso tomé clases para aprender a hacerlas yo misma!


Todas queremos vernos como princesas isleñas, cierto? Son muy fáciles de hacer. Solo necesitas cable de aluminio cubierto en tela y flores naturales o secas con ramas largas para que sea más fácil enrollar en el cable. Me encantó sentir el perfume de las flores de Monoi ya que no hay nada mas exótico que el aroma de flores recien cortadas.

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16 thoughts on “How To Make Flower Crowns Tahiti Style

  1. I love flower crowns but have always purchased them, I’ve never had the real thing. Not so sure that the one I would make be quite as awesome as the ones they give on the islands.


  2. These are awesome. My girls love this type of thing so they’d be over the moon to make some at home! So pretty.


  3. These are so beautiful! If I had a daughter, I would definitely make one. I’ve never worn a flower crown myself, except on Snapchat!


  4. I am planning on making my daughter a flower crown for the summer. They are so beautiful and easy enough to attempt. Yours is lovely.


  5. I wear a flower crown every year when we go to the renaissance faire, but that is pretty much the only time I wear one 🙂


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