Sharks And Rays In Tahiti

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One of the most amazing travel experiences I have had so far has been visiting Tahiti. The beauty of the landscape made me fall in love with the islands from the moment I flew over the crystal clear lagoons and lush mountains. During my trip I had the opportunity to spend the day visiting Routes de Ananas where pineapple farms bring the sweet smell of the fruit making you feel drunk in love.

I had a jaw dropping moment at the viewpoint from Magical Mountain where I was reminded how big our gorgeous planet is, and how much we have left to explore. Finished off leaving a love lock at Belvedere Lookout where a tres parisienne gate gave me the chance to seal my romance with the islands of Tahiti and promise to go back.


Then, I was off to spend the day in the water with some very interesting creatures: Sharks and Stingrays. I’m sure you are thinking: what? is she crazy?! Sounds like I was, but in reality these animals get a bad reputation. Yes, they are wild and there has been many incidents where people have gotten hurt, but when we join their habitat in a respectful and safely way, then is a whole different story.

As far as the Sharks, I did not approach them myself, they did swim all around me and next to me, but I did not touch them and respected their rhythm. The rays have this jelly-like texture that feels soft and gooey when they pass around you, and trust me: they will! They are carefree, free spirited, and very playful. I have to say that is at the top of my 5 favorite travel moments so far. It was intense, exciting, exhilarating, and incredibly beautiful. 

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Una de las experiencias mas espectaculares que he tenido hasta ahora ha sido viajar a Tahiti. La belleza de sus alrededores me hizo enamorarme de la isla desde el momento que vole sobre las coloridas lagunas y frondosas montanas. Durante este viaje tuve la oportunidad de visitar muchos lugares entre ellos Routes De Ananas, donde los cultivos de pina llenan el ambiente con un aroma dulce y embriagante, el mirador de Magical Mountain desde el cual se puede apreciar toda la diversidad de las Islas de Tahiti, y termine dejando mi corazon en un candado estilo parisino en la reja de Belvedere Lookout donde prometi volver a esta encantadora isla.


Luego fui a pasar mi dia en un jetski con Tiburones y Manta Rayas. Antes que pienses que estoy completamente loca dejame decirte que estos animales tienen una mala reputacion ya que han habido muchos incidentes, pero cuando se respeta su ambiente natural la historia es completamente diferente. Aunque los tiburones literalmente me rodearon y nadaron al lado mio, en ningun momento los toque o trate de seguirlos. Deje que ellos fueran los que se acercaran.

Las Manta Rayas fueron la mejor parte. Ellas tienen una textura gelatinosa y suave que se siente muy graciosa cuando te pasan por el lado, y creeme que lo haran! Estas criaturea son relajadas, jugetonas y muy carinosas. Nadan libremente y con mucha agilidad y elegancia. Admito que este momento esta entre mis Top 5 de mi vida.

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22 thoughts on “Sharks And Rays In Tahiti

  1. These pictures are so pretty! I have always wanted to visit Tahiti, and these pictures make me want to go even more. Maybe one day.


  2. I have never heard about Tahiti before, but this sounds like a wonderful place to visit. Both me & my husband are nature lovers & we would be so happy to explore those stunning landscapes & the photos are quiet amazing too.


  3. Wow this sounds like an amazing experience. We went to Mexico on a cruise stop. We saw a live star fish. They were so neat looking.

    I have caught a stingray when I was fishing off the coast of North Carolina.


  4. I’ve never been to Tahiti before. I’ve always heard it’s so beautiful too. I see by all your photos that it looks like a great place for a vacation.


  5. Great pictures…It is always healthy to stay connected to the nature. This post says it loud and clear how amazing your trip might have been!
    By the way I would have got a heart attack had I been swimming around sharks. Brave lady!


  6. That’s quite a memorable experience! I miss going to the beach. I’m sure it was nice seeing all the sharks and the stingrays, that’s a lovely opportunity and it’s not everyday that people get to say they swam with sharks! I hope you have more exciting adventures!


  7. What an awesome experience! I’ve loved Tahiti since high school, when I joined a Tahitian dance class. I hope to go there someday. Your pictures are gorgeous!


  8. absolutely stunning photos. I swam with baby sea lion once in the Galapagos Islands, but it kept trying to pull off my snorkel.
    I’d love to go to Tahiti sometime, this certainly motivates me.


  9. Wow! What an experience – looks a bit scary to me, but maybe one day hehe! I had a somewhat similar experience in Hawaii last year where I got to swim with wild dolphins. Like you, we entered in a non-invasive way and just let them do their thing. It was a truly magical experience 😌😍

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