Colombia at World Cup

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The World Cup 2014, hosted in Brazil, is the most relevant sports event. Every 4 years we get the chance to showcase our national pride.  As a Colombian, I live and breathe Futbol! I might not play it, God knows I’m not athletic at all, but I enjoy it as much as if I was on the field.

This year, after a 16 year absence, I had the honor to cheer for Colombia, shed tears when hearing the anthem and seeing the stadium painted yellow with our jersey, watch the world love our team, enjoy our players dance to every goal, and hear the admiration for our James Rodriguez. We didn’t win the Cup, but in the eyes and hearts of every one, we are winners!

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I was raised to love the game, to be in awe of its constants twists and turns, and to feel the passion for our team. There isn’t a winner until the last second has been played. That’s what I love about soccer the most. You leave your heart, soul and body out there, and the winner will only be the one who wants it the most, who fights for it the most, and who gives it all for their team.

I couldn’t feel any prouder of a team that played beautifully, showcased what Colombians have to offered, and brought hope and joy to a country hurt by violence! Our James Rodriguez won the Golden Boot, our Team won Fair Play Award and our Shakira closed the ceremony! Did you root for any team?  Are you happy Germany won? Remember: It’s Always a Matter of Class Not Cash! ♥Follow Me On Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin & Tumblr: HauteFrugalista♥ or Email Me To
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El Mundial de Fútbol es el evento deportivo más relevante donde tenemos la oportunidad de mostrar nuestro orgullo nacional. Este año después de una ausencia de 16 años tuve el honor de ver mi selección Colombia participar de Nuevo. Lloré cuando vi el estadio llenarse de amarillo y escuché el himno de mi nación, me deleité viendo nuestros jugadores rumbearse cada gol, ví el mundo apoyar nuestro equipo y admirar a nuestro James Rodriguez. No ganamos la Copa, pero en los ojos y corazones de todos, somos unos campeones!

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En mi familia nos criamos amando el fútbol, asombrandome en cada momento del talento de los jugadores, y sintiendo la pasión por la camiseta. Nuestros muchachos dejan el corazón y el alma en el terreno de juego, y sólo aquel que lo desea más y que pelea más por ganar sale victorioso! Eso es lo que me encanta de este deporte: que se deja todo y se da todo hasta el último segundo.

No me podría sentir mas orgullosa de mi equipo que jugó hermoso, demostró lo que nuestra nación tiene para ofrecer, y devolvieron la esperanza y sonrisa a un país marcado por la violencia! nuestro James Rodriguez gano el Botín De Oro, la selección ganó el Premio a Juego Limpio, y nuestra Shakira cerro la ceremonia!

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36 thoughts on “Colombia at World Cup

  1. It’s so much fun watching football. I’m glad that a lot of people are starting to appreciate the sport. I miss waking up at 4:00AM to watch the games.


  2. I don’t know a thing about football and I have never been interested either.. anyways you must always be proud of your team! also, you are very pretty 😀


  3. GO GERMANY! Uhmmm yeah I don’t watch “futbol”. I thought it was an insult if you referred to it as “soccer” but whatever. I’m all for the REAL football, soccer players and their fake getting hurt, that was fun to watch the videos for, besides that. I could really care less.


  4. i cannot relate with this world cup haha the other day i guess the whole malaysian people or other nationalitties partying inside different malls all over malaysia waiting for the game at 3am i woke and i can hear them screaming hahahah


  5. I love how the first commenter was a complete jerk about your entire post. Kidding. I don’t. Some people can be rude.
    I am not into soccer but our city is heavily supportive of Italy and Brazil. You can see vendors on the side of the road selling flags that you hang from your car windows.


  6. I am not a big soccer fan, but my neighbor had it on at her house while I was hanging out. I found that I actually did enjoy watching some of the games.


      1. Well… since he/she wants to make correction on your use of prouder instead of proud. Someone should practice what they preach.
        You not U.
        Couldn’t not couldnt
        proud should have been lower case.
        not instead of Not.
        Sorry he/she had to come correct you when he/she can’t even be bothered to spell out the word “you”, Haute Frugalista!

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      2. Well, I believe, in that case the feeling of pride would translate to “proud” and, in this instance,the TROLL would be okay.
        However, pride being a verb would mean that prouder was useable.
        REGARDLESS….why’s someone picking on you?! Jeez, I see a blog in more than one language here. I also see a beautiful, young lady pouring her soul out and letting others in, to learn about her feelings and to partake in her ideas.
        Anyone who wants to be a snotbag and leave negative remarks ought to get bent.
        Keep on keepin’ on sister 😉


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