Frugal Finds: Top 5 Nail-Art Buys & Designs!

Hello Frugalistas!
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Once upon a time, sadly, nail-art did not exist! The concept of painting our nails consisted on learning how to master the french tip, use only nude/light pink/clear nail polish and keep the wild colors: red (considered for trashy girls) and black (reserved for grunge/punk rockers) out of the medicine cabinet. Thankfully, time and perceptions about what’s acceptable for women have changed! Starting with the many names (polish, lacquer, nail gloss, etc), this old-school trend has turn into a modern-day obsession. Nails are no longer just a body part, they have become an important accessory!


Just as a handbag or a necklace help us complement or contrast an outfit, nail art give us the opportunity to express our mood, season, color preferences, and the current fashion trends. It’s a great way to use symbols, objects, lines and everyday things as inspiration, and add a fun twist to this classic beauty essential. With the help of a simple color-combo, a thin brush, nail stickers or embellishments, we can take our hands from girly, indie or edgy to chic or futuristic in a second.


Don’t Forget to Enter Our Mother’s Day Indulgent Escape Giveaway worth $100! Did you like any of the designs? Which are some of your go-to colors for this spring/summer season? Remember: It’s Always a Matter of Class Not Cash!
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My Top 5 Frugal Nail Polishes for Spring/Summer Season are/ Mis Top 5 Esmaltes Frugales de la Temporada Primavera/Verano son:
* CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss Grapevine 310
* ESSIE Nail Polish Where’s My Chauffeur?
* Zoya “Chinoiserie Fantasy” for Zang Toi
* Nuance Salma Hayek Nail Lacquer, Red Sienna 400
* Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer in Beige Lotus


Hola Frugalistas!

Hace mucho tiempo atrás el Arte para las Uñas no existía. El concepto de pintar nuestras uñas consistía en aprender a hacerlas a la francesa, usar tonos pasteles o claros, y mantener los colores atrevidos como el rojo (considerado para las chicas fáciles) y el negro (sólo para rockeras grunge o punk) fuera de nuestro gabinete. Afortunadamente los tiempos han cambiado y también las percepciones acerca de lo que es aceptable para las mujeres. Comenzando con la variedad de nombres (esmalte, laca de uñas, esmalte brilloso, etc) esta tendencia clásica se ha convertido en una obsesión moderna! Ahora las uñas no son sólo una parte de nuestro cuerpo sino que se han convertido en un importante accesorio.


Así como una cartera o un collar nos ayudan a contrastar o complementar un atuendo, el Arte de las Uñas nos permite expresar nuestro ánimo, las temporadas, nuestras colores preferidos y lo que está de moda. Es una manera de usar símbolos, líneas y objetos que hacen parte de nuestra vida como inspiración, y así darle un toque divertido a esta rutina de belleza. Con la ayuda de distintos colores, un cepillo delgado, calcomanías para uñas o adornos podemos llevar nuestras manos de muy femeninas, modernas o alternativas a futurísticas o chic.

No te olvides de entrar al concurso para el Dia de las Madres Escape Indulgente con un valor de $100! Que diseño te gustó más? Cuales son tus tonos preferidos para esta temporada? Recuerda: Es Siempre Una Cuestión de Estilo No De Economía!
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24 thoughts on “Frugal Finds: Top 5 Nail-Art Buys & Designs!

  1. Dee! More than the nail art, I am in love with your accessories! Especially the bracelet in the first photo! Gorgeous!


  2. It’s so true that nail art has emerged into high fashion! I haven’t quite caught, but I love admiring your pretty nail art photos!


  3. Love nail art, although I´m awful when I try to do it lol, so many options but my favorite is the one in the second picture, love the color combination!.


  4. I lack patience to do such elaborate things with my nails! Plus the upkeep is so bothersome. The designs are so beautiful though!


  5. I love nail arts. Doing all sorts of crazy insane arts have been a secret hobby of mine for years. And quite coincidentally, I’m currently wearing that pink/purple shade on my nails. I love both the colours! ❤


  6. Very nice. But too much work for me. Once upon a time I used to paint by nails all BLACK. it was done cause apparently some guy told other guys who told many many more lots of other guys that if you paint your nails black, it gets easy to start conversation with hot girls in pubs and bars. So suddenly NYC was populated with dorky looking guys with painted black nails. I was one of such. black nailed dude…not dorky dude of course.


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