DIY Beauty Tips & Tricks: Fix A Color Oops!

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Coloring your own hair might be one of the trickiest things to do. You have to choose the perfect shade in order to achieve the target color, pick a product that won’t damage your hair, and determine the amount of coverage your hair needs. I’m naturally blonde but changing my shade to red was one of the best decisions I ever made. Nevertheless, there is one issue that always arises: uneven hair color. When your roots are lighter than the tone desired, they grab the color faster while the rest of the hair stays on a darker shade, which results on an unwanted carnival of colors.

After countless times dying my own hair, I ended up with a major disaster! Half cherry and half burgundy! Major Mishap! At 1am I was freaking out and made a huge mistake: I bought another bottle and re-dyed the darker part, hoping to achieve the lighter tone, but all I got was an even darker shade! My hair was left dried and unmanageable but thanks to my new Goody® QuikStyle™ Paddle Brush I was able to untangle it and blowdry it super quick because it has microfiber bristles which absorb water right way!! Then I received a tip from Brittany, hair expert from exclusive salon BDry BlowBar in Miami Beach, and was able to light up the darker portion without the use of any abrasive chemicals, or having to spend $200!


Hair Dye Color Corrector!
 * Vitamin C tablets (Paid 3.99 for 100 caplets at Walgreens)
* Shampoo

* Depending on the length of your hair (mine took about 50 tablets), crush the Vitamin C, and mix the powder with a bit of shampoo, until it forms a paste.
 * Wet your hair and put the mix on the parts you want to lighten for 1hr or more (depending on how dark the color but check it frequently), and then rinse.
 * Vit. C will remove the darker undertones of the shade rather than remove completely the dye, so you will more than likely achieve a closer tone to match the rest of your hair.

Have you ever had a color oops? How did you fix it? Remember: It’s Always A Matter of Class Not Cash!
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Hola Mis Amigos!

Teñirte el cabello tú mismo puede ser una de las cosas mas difíciles de hacer. Tienes que escoger el tono perfecto para que obtengas el color deseado, comprar un producto que no maltrate el cabello demasiado y elegir el nivel de cobertura que necesitas. Mi tono natural es rubio, pero cambiarme al color rojo fué la mejor decisión que tomé, sin embargo eso quiere drcir que mis raizes son más claras y succionan el tono claro más rápidamente.

Después de teñirme el cabello innumerable veces terminé con la mitad color cereza y la otra color púrpura! A la 1am, y a punto de un ataque nervioso!, cometí el gran error de compara otra botella y re-teñirme el lado más oscuro. Terminé con el tono aún más oscuro que el original! Terrible situación! Mi cabello quedo seco e inmanejable, per gracias a mi Nuevo cepillo de Goody QuikStyle Paddle Brush pude desenredarlo y secarlo super rapido ya que tiene unas cerdas con microfibra que absorben el agua enseguida!! Luego recibi un consejo de Brittany, experta en el cuidado del cabello del exclusivo salon BDry BlowBar en Miami Beach, que me ayudo a aclarar el tono más oscuro sin maltratar mi cabello con químicos abrasivos ni tener que gastar $200!!


Corrector de Tinte Para El Cabello!
 * Vitamina C (me gaste $3.99 por 100 tabletas en Walgreens)
* Shampoo

 * Dependiendo del largo de tu cabello (el mío necesito aprox. 50 pastillas) machaca la Vitamina C y mezcla el polvo con un poquito de shampoo. La idea es crear una pasta consistente.
 * Unta la pasta en tu cabello y dejala por 1hr o más (depende de la oscuridad del color así que chequea el cambio frecuentemente) y luego enjuaga.
 * La Vitamina C sacará los tonos oscuros del tinte pero sin removerlo, de esta manera se aclarará el color hasta obtener uno más cercano al tono claro.

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Goody QuikStyle Paddle brush received by Influenster for Testing purposes.

9 thoughts on “DIY Beauty Tips & Tricks: Fix A Color Oops!

  1. Thank you so much for this tip, last time i messed up my home hair dye i had to pay a hairdresser to lighten it 😦 I will definitely use your tip next time, cos i know there will be next time lol xx

    Would love if you could visit my blog as I only started two weeks ago and would appreciate any feedback/comments or especially a follow on GFC as I am hosting a giveaway when my GFC followers reach 100, probably next week i hope xx thanks so much, and thanks again for this awesome tip x Angela x


  2. Que buen concejo Dee, no sabia del corrector de tinte!! Me imagino como estabas de asustada amiga!! ! Yo siempre me ando cambiando el tono de mi cabello, lo ultimo fue de iluminaciones a negro total pero ahora quiero hacerme iluminaciones de nuevo jejejejeje!!!
    Un abrazo ❤


  3. Great job,now you hair looks great.Luckily it’s never happened to me,while my younger sis is an expert at color oops!!xx Coco


  4. Haha yes! Once I was forced to bleach my already tomboy-ish hair blonde when I was 14. I didn´t look good at all. The blonde hair only placed emphasis on the spikes 😛


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