Wearable Whims: Ludovika Koch for Art Basel

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Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 was an incredible experience. The art, the designs, the parties and also the fashion. During this time of the year, fashionistas and jet-setters come to Miami to showcase their most daring and artsy outfits, and enjoy the cool weather.


Ludovika Koch is a young fashion designer and model who really caught my eye. Her creative and inspiring designs are innovative and very reminiscent of the androgynous pieces from Jean Paul Gauthier and Christian Dior. Despite of been so young, Koch is a very creative and innovative girl who knows how to use different materials, textures and artistic techniques to create fashion masterpieces. Her talent its undeniable and her fascination with vibrant colors, flora and fauna make her designs very romantic, feminine and sophisticated. Ludovika uses fashion as a way of creating vivid art by turning the fabrics into living canvases.


The collection that Ludovika created for Art Basel consists of 6 pieces. A suit, a vest, a pair of pants, shoes that were made out of paper, and a dress completely made out of jewelry and women accessories. The haute Couture inspired orange accessory Jewelry Dress is made out of Fabric and accessorized with appliques of dangling butterflies and jewelry. The dress its astonishing! All the pieces are encrusted in Swarovski crystals and with stone details. The suits, vest and pants are made out of paper collages. Koch took editorial photo images of her favorite designers and models and created collages, then she digitized them to look like real fabric patterns. The vest is completely made out of images of androgynous super model Andrej Pejic. If this is not Art Basel Fashion perfection, then I do not know what it would be!


What Do You Think About Ludovika Koch’s creations? Remember: It’s Always A Matter of Class Not Cash!
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Hola Frugalistas!!

Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 fué una experiencia increible El arte, los diseños, las fiestas y la moda fueron parte de esta importante semana. Durante esta temoorada del año, fashionistas y viajeros del mundo vienen hasta Miami para disfrutar lo mejor del mundo artístico y mostrar sus vestidos mas provocativos y creativos


Ludovika Koch es una joven diseñadora y modelo que realmente atrapó mis ojos. Sus diseños creativos e inspiradores nos hacen recordar el estilo andrógino dr Jean Paul Gauthier y Christian Dior. A pesar de su juventud, Koch es una joven muy creativa e innovadora que sabe como utilizar diferentes materiales, texturas y técnicas artísticas para crear piezas maestras de la moda. Su talento es innegable y su fascinación por los colores vibrantes, la flora y la fauna hacen que sus diseños sean muy románticos, femeninos y sofisticados. Ludovika usa la moda como una maera de crear arte viviente al volver las telas en verdaderos lienzos


La colección que Ludovika Koch creó para Art Basel Miami Beach consistió de 6 piezas. Un traje entero, un chaleco, un par de pantalones, unos zapatos y un vestido completamente hecho a mano con joyería y accesorios. El vestido naranaja inspirado en la alta moda, o Haute Couture, esta hecho de tela y accesorizado con aplicados incrustados en cristales de swarovski y detalles en pedrería; además de tener mariposas colgabtes con detalles en piedras. El traje entero, pantalones, zapatos y chaleco están hechos de collages de papel. Koch escogió imagenes editoriales de sus diseñadores y revistas favoritas y los digitalizo para que parecieran patrones de tela reales. El chaleco está hecho de imagenes del famoso modelo andrógino Andrej Pejic. Los diseños son impresionantes!! Si esto nos es la perfecta combinación de la moda y Art Basel, entonces no sé que lo sería!!

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Designer: Ludovika Koch
Model: Ludovika Koch
Photographer: Phil Burrow
Stylist: Frank Polanco
Hair and Make up: Frances Lordan
Accessories: Vintage Diversity

4 thoughts on “Wearable Whims: Ludovika Koch for Art Basel

  1. Lots of color. I find that attractive to look at and engaging without distracting. lots of white space as well. our head shots are lovely and shows your style. but your left and right most photos are essentially showing same objects slightly different angles. Perhaps if you can crop the left most image so it shows more of your hand and arms (cut off now) accessories then it complements the other two.


  2. Ludovika Koch you are so gifted and the whole world is so lucky to have a new artist-fashion designer, I can see you setting the world new trends.
    You are such an inspiration.


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