Frugalicious Fashion: A High-Low Affair!

Hello Fashionistas!!
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I rarely ever go with the trends. I have this thing where if I see everyone wearing a certain type of fashion or accessory, I just put it in the back of my closet until further notice. I think there isn’t anything worst for a true fashionista than going somewhere and encountering someone wearing the same shirt, dress or shoes!! This year, I have done that with lace dresses, jewelry with skulls or beads and neons. However, if there is one trend I’m beyond glad it’s everywhere it’s the High-Low hem.


I have been a fan of this style for years because it complements my shape well and it gives that sexy short look without the showing-too-much-butt trashiness. It feels elegant, feminine, sophisticated and young, everything that I look for in fashion! I’ve had dresses and skirts in this hem for a while even-though they are hard to find; but not anymore, thanks to the huge comeback this trend has made, now I can find it everywhere!


What do you think about this trend? Do you like it? Remember: It’s Always A Matter of Class Not Cash!
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* A’GACI Dress/Vestido 
* Vintage Snakesin Belt/ Correa de Piel de Culebra
* Jewelmint Khrishna Earrings/ Aretes
* Amorium Jewels Snake Bracelet/ Brazalete de Serpiente Negra
* Jewelmint Statement Rings/ Anillos
* Christian Louboutin Decollete Paillette Shoes/ Zapatos en Lentejuelas Platino


* F21 Shirt with Sequins/Blusa con Lentejuelas
* Marshalls High’Low hem Leopard Skirt/ Falda Larga/Corta en Leopardo
* Vintage thick gold belt/ Correa gruesa dorada
* Jewelmint Khrishna Earrings/ Aretes
* Jewelmint Raj Bracelet/ Brazalete
* Jewelmint Round Ring/ Anillo
* Christian Louboutin Decollete Paillette Shoes/ Zapatos en Lentejuelas Platino


Hola Fashionitas!

Raramente sigo las tendencias cuando están en su furor. Si veo que algo está en todos los centros comerciales, o hay algún accesorio o estilo que está usando todo el mundo, simplemente lo pongo en la parte detrás de mi closet hasta nuevo aviso. Pienso que no hay nada peor para una verdadera amante de la moda que entrar a un lugar y ver alguien con la misma blusa, vestido o zapatos! Este año he hecho eso con los vestidos de crochet y encaje, las pulseras con calaveras y piedras, y los neones o flúor. Sin embargo, si hay una tendencia que estoy feliz de encontrar en todos lados, son los vestidos y faldas con estilo Largo/Corto!


He sido una fanática de este estilo por mucho tiempo porque complementa bien mi figura y da un toque corto sexy sin llegar a ser demasiado revelador por detrás. Se siente elegante, sofisticado, femenino y fresco, todos los detalles que busco en la moda. He tenido vestidos y faldas con el frente corto y la parte trasera larga aunque siempre han sido difíciles de encontrar, pero con el regreso de esta tendencia, ahora no tengo problema para comprar ropa con este diseño cuando quiera.


Que piensas de esta tendencia? Te llama la atencion? Recuerda: Es Siempre Una Cuestión de Estilo No De Economía!

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Pics By South Florida Nights Magazine

11 thoughts on “Frugalicious Fashion: A High-Low Affair!

  1. I feel the same way you do about trends. I get them and hold onto them. I hated the high low when it first came out because it reminded me of this skirt I had back in 99′ and I looked like a total dork, but the updated version is very feminine and flowy and I like that. It looks great on you!


  2. It looks lovely on you. I don’t know any, I’m not sure if I should give them a try. They seem an interesting choice but I’m not sure they suit me. I don’t have your thin hips 😦
    Oh, and I LOVE the shoes you put with the turquoise one.


  3. Beautiful! This cut is really very flattering. I was lucky enough to find a super fab one myself that fit me just right without sweeping the floor when I walked. Your make-up also looks so nice in these photos

    K of


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