Frugalicious Fashion: Go Red!

Hello My Frugalistas!!
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It has been an intense week for myself and this blog! As it turned out, after my excitement for opening my Facebook page, our dear social media maven decided to block my old username: HauteFrugalista and give me a headache for 4 days! I can tell you this: I’m much more Facebook-Savvy now! Well, after the mishap, a real human being (yes!, hard to believe) contacted me and released my username! So I can proudly and with a bit, more like tons!, of relief say: I’m HauteFrugalista across ALL platforms! Anything you can imagine that has a .Com next to it, bet your blog Its HauteFrugalista! So go to and Like It, you know you want to!, Share it and keep supporting this very grateful frugalicious mermaid! 🙂

Jackie Guerrido, Laura Mejia Cruz & Roxanne Vargas

All jokes and fun aside, there is an important cause that I support very much: Heart Disease! Not the kind that you get after a broken heart but the one thats consider the #1 killer of women! 2 weeks ago I attended the Miami Red Dress Benefit for the American Heart Association, and besides the fabulous designer runway looks, I enjoyed seeing some friends and raising awareness about this disease through fashion! I know some people consider anything fashion related frivolous and irrelevant to our society, but those who judge so hardly do not know about all the hard-work that goes behind stage, as well as the incredible events that most fashionistas put together to bring exposure to important matters.

Susan Stepcianos & Jorge Bernal

My choice of outfit for the night was elegant and chic. I went for a black long chiffon dress, tons of baroque-style accessories and red lips! what do you think about that trend? I’m completely obsessed! I have some fab giveaways coming up so sign up to the blog with your email (not wp) to be entered!! 🙂

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* F21 Black Chiffon Dress/ Vestido Negro de Chiffon
* Vintage Black Belt with Gold Buckle/ Correa Antigua Negra con Hebilla Dorada
* Christian Louboutin Black Peep Toe Pumps/ Zapatos Negros
* Jewelmint Raj Bracelet/ Brazalete
* Jewelmint Be Jeweled Necklace/ Collar
* Jewelmint Bracelet/ Brazalete
* Gorgeous Hair By/ Cabello Arreglado por: BDry BlowBar

Gabriela Vergara & Candela Ferro

Hola Mis Frugalistas!!

Ha sido una semana super intensa para este blog! Resulta que nuestro querido facebook decidió bloquear mi username y darme un dolor de cabeza por 4 días! Eso sí, puedo decir que soy he adquirido muchísimo conocimiento sobre FB! Después de hacerme sufrir por dias, un ser humano (increíble de creer!) me respondió y liberó mi username así que puedo decir con mucha felicidad, y bastante alivio!, que me puedes encontrar en TODAS las redes sociales como: HauteFrugalista! Asi que visita mi página, tú sabes que lo quieres hacer!, Dale un Click en MeGusta, Compártela y sigue apoyando esta agradecida sirena frugalicious!

Mariana Rodriguez

Dejándo las bromas a un lado, hay una causa muy importante en la que creo y apoyo: Enfermedades del Corazón! No hablo de esas que son consecuencia de un corazón roto, pero de las que son consideradas como la causa #1 de muerte en mujeres! Hace 2 semanas participé y cubrí un evento llamado Vestido Rojo de Miami, el cual se hizo en Beneficio de la Asociacion Americana del Corazón. Fue un evento que disfrute mucho porque ademas de la moda mostrada en la pasarela, en realidad lo que me hace muy feliz es poder apoyar esta organizacion, y asi dar a conocer los problemas que esta enfermedad trae consigo. Muchas personas creen que todo lo relacionado con la moda es frivolo e irrelevante para nuestar sociedad; sin embargo, aquellos que juzgan esta industria tan duramente, no saben del trabajo arduo que se hace tras bambelinas, ademas de los eventos que amantes de la moda organizan para dar a conocer causas importantes.

Jennifer Sclafani

My elección de atuendo para esa noche fue elegante y chic. Elegí un vestido negro largo en chiffón, accesorios estilo barroco y labial rojo!! Que piensas de esa tendencia? Yo estoy completamente obsesionada por ella! Tengo planeados varios regalos así que subscríbete con tu email a este blog para poder entrar (no con wp) y así ganar!

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Maffio AlKaTraks

Photos By SoFlaNights.Com and David Ramos Photography

14 thoughts on “Frugalicious Fashion: Go Red!

  1. You look fantastic and for a good caus! Love! I found out about your lovely blog through Fashion Parkway Fashion Blog Hop. Following you and hope you’ll follow back. Let’s stay in touch dear! xx Coco


  2. Very nice and I love what you say about class not cash. This is true and I love being able to find so many bloggers that are showing us how we can be in style without having to break the bank.


  3. Wait! Im not sure if I said that right. I dont know what I just said what it means. Hmmm. I guess I meant “cannot scroll down with a flatline”. Yeah. I think that sounds right. :-))


  4. Looking good Dee! Red and Pink are definitely a good cause! I so admire your enthusiasm in spreading the good word.
    You must share some tips on how you did the whole FB thing and managed to communicate with a human hahha. I’m sure we all want to know this as some have probably faced the same issues in the past.
    P.S. I love those shoes!


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