Trending Tips: ‘Liquid Gold’ As A Beauty Potion!

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Who doesn’t love a little bit of magic in their lives? Magic goes beyond fairy tales. It surpasses us when we spend time with loved ones, enjoy our mother earth or when we are rewarded for our dedication. Leaving philosophy behind, in the world of beauty and wellness there are a plethora of products that promise to do magic for our skin! Many make us dream of being ageless or enchanting enough to put a spell on prince charming, but do they really deliver? And if so, how long will the results last or do they fade as quickly as cinderella’s carriage?

It is necessary to have products that makes us feel and look reinvigorated and refreshed but paying a hefty price for them it’s not something this frugalista wants to do. Enter here Josie Maran’s Argan Oil!! Drops of this potion will do wonders on your face, skin and hair. Straight from Morocco, one of the dreamiest place on earth!, this magic serum has turned into the go-to product for Hollywood A-Listers and Celebrity Beauticians. Referred as “Liquid Gold”, brands like Moroccan Oil use the extract of Argan seed as one of the components in their exclusive hair care line, making even the most coarse hair luscious and healthy.

I decided to try Josie Maran’s Argan Oil, and see what the buzz was all about, for many reasons. First, it is PURE oil, it smells delicious and its completely organic! It is 1st press, parabens free, without additives, silicones or any chemicals, and at $14 a bottle doesn’t sound steep considering its concentrated. If there is one beauty essential that will work for almost anything, its this one.  Do you want to get rid of split ends? yes, please! Have a glowing skin without fear of breaking out? Definitely! Maybe smooth out a few eye wrinkles? uhm… of course!!! It works for rough cuticles, dry skin, as a moisturizer and to tame a frizzy mane!

Have you give it a try? If so, please share your thoughts! If not, would you?
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Hola Mis Frugalistas!!

A quién no le gusta un poco de magia en su vida? La magia va más alla de los cuentos de hadas. Nos sobrepasa cuando estamos con nuestros seres amados, drisfrutamos de la naturaleza o cuando somos recompensados por nuestra dedicación y esfuerzos. Filosofía atrás, en el mundo de la belleza y salud existen una gran cantidad de productos que prometen hacer magia en nuestra piel. Algunos nos hacen soñar con vernos siempre jóvenes o lo suficientemente encantadoras como para conquistar un príncipe azul, pero realmente dan resultados? y si es así, cuán duraderos son?, o desaparecen tan rápido como el carruaje de Cenicienta?

Es necesario tener productos que nos hagan ver y sentir energizados y rejuvenecidos pero pagar una gran cantidad no es algo que a esta frugalista le guste hacer. Aquí es donde entra el Aceite de Argan de Josie Maran! Goticas de esta poción hacen maravillas en el cabello, la piel y el rostro. Directo desde Marruecos, uno de los lugares mas exóticos de nuestro planeta, este suero mágico se ha convertido en la fórmula preferida de estrellas de Hollywood y Esteticistas. Llamado “Oro Líquido”, Marcas como Moroccan Oil utilizan este ingrediente como parte de los componentes de su exclusiva línea de cuidado del cabello para darle vida hasta a el cabello mas dañado.

Decidí probar el Aceite de Argan de Josie Maran y comprobar si era tan maravilloso como la gente dice por muchas razones. Primero es 100% PURO aceite, tiene un olor delicioso y es un producto completamente orgánico. Además después de indagar un poco más me dí cuenta que es 1ra Prensada, no tiene ningún tipo de parabenos, aditivos, químicos o siliconas. Considerando que está en su forma más pura y concentrada, $14 me me parece un precio rasonable. Esta maravilla de producto sirve para la orquilla, el frizz, la resequedad en la piel, las uñas y hasta para mejorar la apariencia de las arrugas!!

Lo has probado? si es así, como te resultó?. Si no, lo probarías? Recuerda: Es Siempre Una Cuestión de Estilo No De Economía!

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Photo by SoFlaNights.Com. Hairstyling court. of amazing salon BDry Blow Bar in Miami Beach!! Using Moroccan Oil Hair products Made of Argan Oil.

7 thoughts on “Trending Tips: ‘Liquid Gold’ As A Beauty Potion!

  1. You seriously have the prettiest hair ever. It’s absolutely amazing (I secretly think that each time I see you, haha!). I’ve heard about this stuff from my mom. I’m just not sure about using oil on my already oily hair, you know?


  2. Funny, I just used this this morning and thought “Crap, I just know this stuff is going to break me out”…but so far it hasn’t! I get a little excited and sometimes put on too much…makes me oily looking for a second but really settles in nicely. What do you think of it? I haven’t tried it on anything but my face and cuticles, but use other brands of argan/Moroccan oil on my hair.


  3. Wow! This stuff really does sounds like liquid gold! With my naturally curly hair, I definitely have issues with frizz. 🙂 I’ll have to get some of this stuff! The twitter party sounds fun, sorry I missed it.


  4. I use Argan Oil (although not as concentrated as this) for my hair. It’s still all natural and right now I’m loving it. I’d really love to try a pure one though, just cos I’m curious of the smell! Mine is mix with cinnamon so yeah I smell cinnamon more than anything else! hahah xx Great post Haute Dee! 😉


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