Trending Tips: The Importance of Self-Esteem

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First, I want to say thanks for keeping up with my articles and blog! It is an honor to have you guys read, comment, like and share my writings! I was featured in Lucky Magazine again!! Can you believe it? what an incredible feeling to be published there as well. As you know, I also have my online column ‘Spotted’ by Dee Trillo for SoFlaNights.Com and I write for Fashion Parway, so I invite you to follow me there as well!

When I was approached to collaborate with Dove and Latina Bloggers Connect, to speak about the importance of self-esteem, I was a bit taken back. It is a hard topic to talk about for any girl or women that has gone through confidence issues. You wouldn’t believe it but this frugalicious mermaid was once a ugly duckling! Not that I consider myself extremely beautiful now but I def don’t have the glasses, braces or huge curly blonde hair that I did when I was 15yrs old!

However, I was empowered to open-up and join this cause when I read the statistics! Did you know that GLOBALLY 60% of girls ages 15-17 avoid going to school or giving their opinions when they feel bad about their looks? OMG! thats astonishing!! Now, that I’m a mom of a little girl and know that 66% of girls say their moms are their #1 role models, I feel even more drawn to this topic! That right there just made me jumped into Dove’s Global Initiative of “Let’s Talk”! This movement compiles a weekend of motivation and inspiration through Times Square billboards, U.S events and online resources.

Why is it that beauty brings so much anxiety among females? How would you talk to a young girl about beauty and self-esteem? Do you have a special story you’d like to share? I would love to hear about it!! Please share this important topic and get involved in Dove’s Self-Esteem Weekend!

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Hola Mis Amigos!!

Primero quiero agradecerles por leer mis artículos y por seguir mi blog!! Es un honor para mí que me apoyen y que sigan mi carrera como escritora y estilista. Pueden creer que salí en Lucky Magazine de nuevo? Me siento super felíz de haber sido publicada allí y de poder seguir compartiendo mis ideas! Recuerden también que tengo mi propia columna ‘Spotted’ by Dee Trillo para la revista SoFlaNights.Com y que tambien escribo para Fashion Parway, asi que los invito a que me sigan ahí tambien!

Cuando fuí contactada para colaborar con Dove y Latina Bloggers Connect para hablar de la importancia de la auto-estima no estuve muy segura al principio. Es un tema difícil de hablar cuando eres una joven o mujer que ha pasado por momentos en los que no has tenido confianza en tí misma. Tal véz no lo parezca ahora, pero esta sirena frugalicious hace un tiempo atrás fue un patito feo. No es que ahora me considere extremedamante bella, pero definitivamente no tengo los lentes, frenillos, ni el cabello dorado ondulado que tenía a mis 15!!

Sin embargo me sentí obligada a unirme a esta causa cuando me enteré de las estadísticas! Sabías que Globalmente 60% de las jovenes 15-17 evitan ir al colegio o incluso dar su opinión cuando se sienten mal acerca de la manera como lucen? Es una cifra impresionante! Además, ahora que soy una mamá de una niña y sé que el 66% de las jovenes dicen que su madre es su ejemplo #1, me siento todavía mas atraída a hablar de este tema. Por eso es que me lancé a unirme a esta iniciativa de Dove de “Vive Mejor”! Este movimiento está determinado a crear conciencia acerca de este tema a través de vallas publicitarias en Times Squares, eventos a traves del país y recursos disponibles en la web.

Porqué será que la belleza trae tanta ansiedad en las mujeres? Como le hablarías a una joven acerca de la belleza y la auto-estima? Tienes alguna historia que te gustaría compartir? Me encantaría escuchar sus opiniones acerca de la iniciative de Dove’s y el Self-Esteem Weekend!

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9 thoughts on “Trending Tips: The Importance of Self-Esteem

  1. Beautiful post you put together. I saw this campaign two weeks ago, and I loved it… it’s so important to begin having these conversations at a young age… but it is such a one on one battle :/


  2. I was definitely one of you low self-esteem girls all through school. Even my dad thought I was ugly – and I looked like him except that I have a double harelip, and am a woman – big differences! Sad state of his esteem! I can’t say that I’ve totally conquered my esteem issues, but I’ve had a successful life in spite of them. AND I work hard at looking as decent as possible. Most importantly, I care about OTHERS, I keep interested and learn new things CONSTANTLY, and I laugh at myself when necessary. Looks are important, but they are NOT the whole package! Love yourself and LOVE OTHERS! 🙂 I want to welcome you to the Ligo Circle of Appreciation. This isn’t a contest, but just a thanks for what you do. Stop by my website and take a look.


  3. Congrat’s on getting published! That’s awesome.

    I remember not liking school too much when I was in Jr. High and High School because of my self confidence issues at the time. I definitely don’t want my little girl to feel the same way.

    This is a great cause to be a part of! You’re doing a fantastic job.


    1. Thanks doll!! grateful that youre here! Hope you like my site!! i think its such a positive thibg to lend our voices to any cause. To me its important to talk about fashion as much as its important to raise awareness about various issues.
      Send me your info so we can stay in touch! My account for all social medias and Gmail is HauteFrugalista


  4. It’s so important to feel confident and have self-eestem. It makes me sad to know that there are so many little girls are troubled with this. I always feel that childhood should be filled with fun and laughter and not worried about how you look to others. And those people who put others down are just plain cruel. Congratulations on getting published hun! Good on you 😀 xoxo


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