Trending Tips Tuesday: Fake or Real?

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I hope your week is going great! In life there are many times that we try to determine if something is real or just an appearance. From love to business, as human beings we are in the constant search for what it’s truly valuable and what it’s not. Why are we always so focused on evaluating this? 

Well, there are many reasons depending of the situation: Avoid wasting time, getting scammed, trusting in the wrong person or simply avoid a broken heart… but when it comes to blogging, how much attention do we pay to this? Sometimes I wonder: Are some people ok with having a fake following as long as it looks as a they have one? If so, then how real is the blogging experience?

I came across an article that talked about how many brands grow their twitter followship by buying followers. I knew this existed, as most of us have received a tweet or message saying: “do you want more followers” or: “buy 10,000 for $10”, and this made think more deeply about the brand-blogger relationship.

As bloggers, many of us want brands or stores to approach us and offer us their products for review/compensation, with the purpose of getting exposure more than for the actual freebies. We trust that this “established” brand has followers that pertain to our audience, and that with the contact, we can be able to reach out to it as well. But, if a brand is buying fake or inactive followers, then how much are we actually gaining from this partnership? Same goes to brands, stores and designers, if they are reaching out to a blogger that “seems” to be active and have a social media presence, and the target audience its not there, then how much of that investment it’s actually going to bring business? The answer for both it’s ZERO!

Status People is a web app that valuates the percentage of Fake (spam, bots, few tweets or followers), Inactive (observers but don’t tweet) and Active (engaging, interacting) Twitter Followers. As you have come to know, I keep it honest and Real! I received a 1/4/95% and then I thought: well, I have never bought followers? where it’s that 1% coming from? I realized I have some people still following me who have closed their accounts and opened new ones, or who, like my cousin just gave up on tweeting, or like my brother, who has only 4 followers 🙂 So, I guess from 1-3%, as long as the percentage between Fake and Inactive is very small, then it’s not a big deal.

I invite you to check yourself and see your audience, check bloggers whose social media presence you admire and brands/stores/designers whose account allures you, and see if the buzz its Real or Fake! Remember: It’s Always a Matter of Class Not Cash!!

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Hola Mis Amigos!

Espero que esta semana te esté llendo super bien! En la vida hay muchas veces en las que tratamos de determinar si algo es real o solo una apariencia. Desde el amor hasta en los negocios, como seres humanos estamos en una constante búsqueda por lo que es realmente valioso y encontrar lo que no lo es. ¿Porque estamos siempre tan enfocados en este tema? Hay muchas razones que van de acuerdo a la situación: Evitar perder el tiempo, relacionarse con personas desleales o simplemente evitar que nos rompan el corazón… Pero cuando se trata de un blog, cuanta atención prestamos a esto? A veces me pregunto si algunas personas se sienten bien teniendo seguidores falsos con tal de aparentar que tienen lectores, y si es así, entonces cuan real es la experiencia del lector y del escritor?

Me encontré con un artículo el otro día que hablaba acerca de como muchas marcas reconocidad compran seguidores en twitter para incrementar sus números. Yo sabía que esto existia, porque muchos recibimos tweets o mensajes que dicen: “quieres mas seguidores” o “compra 10,000 seguidores por $10”, pero me hizo pensar más profundamente acerca de la relación blog-marca.

Como escritores, muchos queremos que marcas nos ofrezcan sus productos para revisar/compensación, con el propósito de tener visibilidad mas que por los productos en sí. Confiamos que una marca que ya esta “establecida” tenga una audiencia que nos pertenga, y que a través del contacto, podamos crear una relación con ella. Pero si una marca o tienda está comprando seguidores, entonces cuanto estamos ganando en realidad? Lo mismo va para marcas, tiendas y diseñadores, si contactan a un blog que “parece” tener una presencia en el medio social y no es cierto, entonces cuanto de esa inversión se va a convertir en un beneficio tangible? La respuesta para ambas preguntas es CERO!

Status People es una aplicación que evalua el porcentaje de seguidores Falsos (spam, bots o cuentas con pocos seguidores o tweets), Inactivos (observan pero no escriben) y Activos (interactuan contigo). Como ya saben a mí me gusta ser honesta y decir lo que pienso. Yo obtuve un 1/4/95% lo cual me hizo pensar acerca del 1% considrado como falso ya que nunca he comprado seguidores. Analizando mi lista me dí cuenta que algunas personas tenían una cuenta y la cerraron para abrir una nueva, otros (como mi prima) se dieron por vencidos con Twitter, y otros como mi hermano sólo tiene 4 seguidores! 🙂 Así que es de suponer que entre un 1-3%, mientras el porcentaje de inactivos no sea alto, entonces no hay mucho de que preocuparse.

Te invito a que analizes tu audiencia, chequees cuentas de blogs que admiras por su presencia en twitter, y a marcas/tiendas/diseñadores con los que te gustaría afiliarte, y veas si es real o no su audiencia. Recuerda: Es Siempre Una Cuestión de Estilo No De Economía!

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27 thoughts on “Trending Tips Tuesday: Fake or Real?

    1. Hey Britt!! thanks so much for your honesty! so greateful you opened up and shared that u actually thought about it! I was quite impressed with the amount of ppl whose accounts are not all that seem to be! check ur fave brands, sponsors and even bloggers, and you will see that u dont need that!!


  1. Great blog post and love the idea of a twitter party (I hope I can attend one in the future)!
    Can you actually buy followers?? Sounds so pointless…


  2. Great post Dee~ Yeah I heard about that you could buy followers. Bu I never understood the point of it though. It’s always better to get people who really care about the brand.


  3. Wow that is a really interesting site! I know I have some bots following me I try to block the ones I know are fakes when I see that they follow.


  4. I’ve never been a tweeter. With so much muti media these days, I prefer not to blast on every social site avail unless I have to. Now people want to be followed on Instagram amd I’m like ” geez, I’m a media lame(0)” 🙂


  5. Thanks for this post Dee! Wow, I never knew that it was for real that you can buy followers!!!?? I read about this somewhere before and it’s kinda sad, don’t you think? In fact it’s shameful. I’m eager to see how many fake percent I’m going to get :-s and worried at the same time. Not that I can afford to buy followers anyway LOL. This is such an awesome post, as expected from you 😉


  6. Great post! I’m doing a PhD in the value of design when working with brands for social media and I came across this issue of fabricated likes and followers..unfortunately it keeps happening and brands think that they gain from it..


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