Frugalicious DIY: Get Your Own Web APP For Free!!

Hello My Readers!!

It has been an interesting week! my daughter started school, my newborn is already standing by himself in the crib, my brother moved to Gainesville to attend the University of Florida (shout to the UF Gators!!) and I have done a much-needed blog “Link Cleaning“!! 🙂

I got rid of links I had that were not benefiting me or my blog, swapping old links for the current ones and adding links to my new column ‘Spotted’ By Dee Trillo BTW: Please stop by! the more good ratings I get, the better, so head over there and show me some love!! 🙂

Doing all of that, I stumbled upon the coolest link ever! One that allows you to create your own Web App for Free!! Now, How Awesome Is That??? I have been inspired to revamp my site and add cool features, so I decided to give this one a try! 🙂

Now, I just tried this last night but I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you, so I postponed the post I had ready for this one so we can give it a try together! After all: Wouldn’t it be cool to have your own link on somebody’s smartphone?

Steps For Signing In:

* Head over to UppSite a FREE website that builds a simple platform for the App!
* Put your blog’s link and click on Go Mobile!
* Fill in your General information. Now, this is important because it will be what your readers and followers will be able to see once they get on it, so you have to choose what best embodies yourself and your website/blog.
* I made one for my blog named‘The Haute Frugalista’ and one for my Tumblr account named ‘Frugalicious Tumblr’

Steps For Customizing The App:

* On your dashboard you will see the link to Settings. There you will be able to go to Design and start making the App look like your blog.
* Choose how you want readers to get your posts list, if by excerpts or full article.
* Then the Look & Feel part. Here you will be able to change the background, icon and design for the app.

Visit Website!


* The sizes for the background, title, splash screen design and app icon are very specific, so if you want to choose your own images head over to Pixlr and start adjusting them there before designing the app. 🙂

* As my Bean taught me, at Pixlr you have to:
+ Choose collage
+ 0 spacing and click finish
+ Resize as needed
+ Add Images that you want
+ Save and rename
+ Quality 100%
+ Save to folder

Sizes for the App:
* Background: 1536×2048
* Title Design: 174×22
* Splash Scree Design: 1536×2048
* App Icon Design: 1024×1024

Go back to General and change the category that suits your website and choose where you want your app to be published.
* The Website will automatically be available at the Apple and Droid store through UppSite’s App but if you want to get it native (meaning on the screen individually) you need a developers account.
* The great thing is that there is no charge for publishing (which normally is a min of $40!) and you can use your own or a friend’s developer account to send the app to Google and Apple. That’s Frugalicious My Friends! 🙂

To some, it might seem similar as Bloglovin’ when the app is only published on Uppsite’s App; however, Bloglovin’ only allows you to follow blogs, whereas here you can choose to share the posts on FB and Twitter, customize your design, as well as make comments directly from the App.
* In addition, is backed up by, which means that its not only a regular website but one that has future and an organized team. 🙂

I’m looking forward to do an update on this DIY Post once mine gets actually published!
Would you like to have your own App? Add me and send me your link if you get on it! 🙂

Remember: It’s Always a Matter of Class Not Cash!!

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Enjoy & Share!!


Visit Website!

37 thoughts on “Frugalicious DIY: Get Your Own Web APP For Free!!

    1. Thanks love! Theres been quite a few going around and I feel so incredibly grateful ppl think of me and my blog! 🙂
      Def give it a try and if you do send me the link so I can share it!! 🙂


  1. I really enjoy coming to your blog, you are always productive and positive. I would love to feature you as a Girls Best Friend Beauty if you are interested. It is an easy $50 gift card to Nordstrom if you are interested. Thanks for always being so aspiring I wish I could find 20 more people like you to ad to Blogging Supporting Bloggers Network you are a fine example. I am going to enjoy seeing you grow in success.


    1. awww Toni!!! thank you so much for those kind words!!! they mean so much to me!!! I do try to inspire people as people inspire me as well! blogging for me is a give and receive thing and has been quite an experience. Ive side tracked a bit from just fashion, as Ive become more involved with blogging and have felt that theres more to share than only outifts. It might not be that Im sticking to my niche, but Im def sticking to what I feel my readers need and want, and at the end thats what we wrrite for 🙂
      I would be so happy to be feature as a GBFB, will get on to it soon!! 🙂 I mean, who doesnt love Nordstrom!! Im leaving my kids college fund there anyways! lol


      1. I did it! Its on my blog I have a phone app now 🙂 I’m going to look into getting a direct one that you can just log into your app store and type my site name in and it populates automatically but this is great for now!!! Thank you!


  2. That’s awesome. I might try it! I’ll be checking out your column soon and rating it. Best of luck in everything and hope your baby girl is off to a great start! xo


    1. Hey Yami!!
      hope your getting settled just fine!
      its been quite the adjustement but Im happy shes enjoying it and loving her school! If you try it, please send me a link so I can share it here! and thanks! do hope to see you all passing by there and reading my stuff!!


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