Shoes & Jewels: A Frugal Day To Night DIY

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So, what are 2 things this frugalista loves besides fudge brownies?… Shoes & Jewels!! In case you’ve missed My Latest Adventures, I’ve been super busy writing and preparing my daughter for her 1st day of school, Ever!!! It’s so exciting taking her to the classroom, and thankfully, her teacher had some tissues ready the 1st day so that came handy for this proud mamma!

Well, for this fast lifestyle there is something that I always need: beautiful yet comfy shoes!! I love my heels, but I honestly can’t be running errands or after my kids with them. So this DIY is a simple and stylish choice for those days when you need to look polished without having to endure feet pain. 🙂

What You Need:
1) A pair of new or old plain satin flats. I prefer satin because its a type of fabric that looks luxurious and classy. Payless Shoe Source, Walmart and Kohls have awesome choices at frugal prices! No need to spend much, I mean, look at this beauties from Amazon for only $8!!


2) Small Bag of Your Fave Embellishements (crystals, pearls, beads) or Swarovski Elements (if you want to splurge!). Just head to your local craft store or Michael’s and choose the color, size or style (round, square) that you prefer.


3) Clear Super Glue or Craft/Gem Glue and a Clean Water bottle or Juice cap.


5) Tweezers with a tip that can hold the shape/size you chose.


1) Clean the surface of the shoes. I prefer satin flats because they look more elegant and can be easily taken from day to night.
2) Place your embellishements on a flat surface and have them ready to be used.


3) Place a fair amount of glue inside the cap, this way you won’t have to be going back and forth to get it.
4) Choose the design. It could be front only, everywhere, specific shapes, anything! Feel free to explore what suits your style!
5) Grab each jewel with the tweezers, put some glue on it and place it where you like.
6) Let it dry and Enjoy!! 🙂

Some Frugalicious Choices:
* Beige Shoedazzle
* Pink Steve Madden


The amazing thing is that you can tailor it to your taste!!
Perfect for:
* Running earrands with some jeans or cut-offs and a crossbody bag
* Going out to a casual dinner or brunch with a flowy short dress and a clutch!

What did you think about this DIY? How would you pair them? Remember: It’s Always a Matter of Class Not Cash!!

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Enjoy & Share!!



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53 thoughts on “Shoes & Jewels: A Frugal Day To Night DIY

    1. Hey Bren!
      no, those are my own shoes! the ones I did the DIY on, sadly dont exist anymore 😦 they stopped fitting after I had my 1st baby but I had learnt to do it and thought it would be amazing now that Im blogging to share all those things! Mines looked like the beig ones but with rhinestones a tad bit bigger. Now with 2 kids (including a newborn) is more difficult to have time to do things; but, when I did them, it took me like about 1 to 2 hrs and they came out for like $15 bucks!


    1. hey Sharon!!
      yes, def cute! and there is patience involved but not as much as you might think! a great way to do it, is just sparkling the fron and thats it! it adds a touch and it takes less than 1 hr to do it!! 🙂
      the t-shirt idea is great! if you decide to do some, send me a link and ill share it here!


  1. How fun is this project? When we create our own clothes we wear them with a little more pride, now don’t we. My daughter has been bugging me to order her studs so, she can stud a few items. I keep forgetting. Here is another reminder.


    1. Hey Toni!!
      sending another reminder!! studs are so cool!! a trip to a michaels or craft store would def be a fun mommy and me date for you and your daughter! I love taking mine so she can pick stickers and paint (shes only 4).


  2. I think this is an amazing idea. I have size 11 feet and all the flats that are in my side are U-G-L-Y! I have a beat up pair of flats that could use this makeover.


    1. Hey Sam!!
      how great that you liked the idea! I know what you mean about finding shoes on your size but now you can sparkle up your life a bit with this DIY. If you decide to do them, send me a link so I can share it here for people to see! 🙂


    1. Hey Lilian!!
      huge welcome to you!! thanks for been here!! Im so happy you liked it! its def a great way to add sparkles into an outfit!!
      let me know if you try to do it so I can share it here!! 🙂


  3. Hey there proud Momma, must be a mixed feeling taking your little doll to school. The thought of AJ in a few years to come is making me want to cry. I’m such a softie, I’ll tell ya.

    I love flats! With a passion! So comfy and definitely easy to wear especially if you’re a Mom on the go. I’ve been dying to try to DIY my gray pumps that got soaked in the rain few weeks ago but just can’t afford to throw them out – I have an attachment to them already. So you’re giving me ideas already my blog buddy. 😉 Time for some sparkles, don’t you think?


    1. omg D!
      thank god the teacher had a little bx with tissues!! I didnt think I was gonna be like that until I saw her seating down with her new classmates so happy!
      I realized then what my mom has always said: children are a lended gift from God, we must take care of them and guide them but one day they will be on their own and carry with them nothing but what you have taught them.
      We mommas gotta do the flats thing! ist impossible and unrealistic to be running in heels!! thats why I havent done any tpe of editiorial content here on my blog. Like, Im not here to portray a life I dont have or take bunch of pics with different outfits on a single day and use that as posts for like a month! A lot of the fashion bloggers do that, but then I think: how much of actual blogging is that? isnt blogging suppossed to be a mor personal and relatable? for that I buy a magazine on the street and call it a day!
      My dear BB I want to see your sparkles so lets get on it!! what type of fabric are the pumps? suede? thats awesome!! sparkly pumps are soooo IN right now!! so youll for sure e ahead of the trend!!
      we gotta do a project together D!!!


    1. Hey Nora!!
      so glad youre here and you liked the idea!! I think all gilrs need a bit of sparkle in their lives, so go ahead! try it and send me pics or a link if you, so I can share it here!!


  4. Wow I love the idea! Especially since I love sparkly things and shoes~ Congrats on your daughter’s first day of school! xoxo


    1. He Lisa!!!
      thanks doll!! its been quite hectic (as you can tell Im just etting to my comments now) but she is sooo happy!! adjsting is hard for the parents as well, you know?
      Im glad you liked the idea!! so cute!


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