3, 2, 1!!! Miami Fashion Week Swim Has Arrived!!

My Lovebirds!! This is going to be a busy month for me and for this blog!! I’m very happy to tell you I’m press covering StyleWeek Resort as well as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim and other amazing fashion events in Sunny Miami!! So Haute!!



Don’t worry, I will not be neglecting You My Friends!! Au Contraire!! I’m planning on bringing you all the fashion, the designers, the soirees, the after parties, right here to you! So if you’re in cold weather start feeling a little warmer! and if you’re in hot weather, get inspiration from all the fabulous swimwear and resort collections (Sneak Pic of An Outfit)


Stay tuned for tons of event pics, meet & greet with up and coming designers, new trends fresh off the runway, my outfits, my styling choices for the designs and streetstyle through the eyes of Moi!! Is going to be an amazing month and I hope you get amused, entertained or maybe encouraged to attend or join me in this lavish journey! 🙂

My Ready, Set, Swim!! FOOTD consists of a relax blend of linen and cotton which is perfect for running errands in beautiful Miami!!

* Beige Linen Pants
* Modern Amusement ‘Navy Anchor’ Tank.
* Michael Kors Leather Handbag
* Marc Jacobs Sunglasses.


* Adia Kibur “Silver & Lucite” Statement Necklace.
* Bamboo Embellished denim navy Sandals.
* Michael Kors Swarovski encrusted watch.
* Jewelmint “Gatsby” Bracelet
* Kenneth Cole ‘Beads’ crystal and stones gunmetal bracelet.
* Vintage Silver Flower Cuff.


Don’t forget to check ‘THE HAUTE FRUGALISTA’ EVENTS PAGE If You Live in Miami!!
♥Remember It’s a Matter of Class Not Cash!!♥

Enjoy & Share!!




59 thoughts on “3, 2, 1!!! Miami Fashion Week Swim Has Arrived!!

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    1. I sure do Yami! not only all the press commitments but also my son’s baptism and my wedding anniversary and Im just coming back to my Miami from a quick (not!) drive to Gainesville!! Im pretty tired but happy too!! Def keep on checking my blog 🙂
      Xoxo, Dee!!


    1. Hey Court! its dreamy for sure! Im not in PR but I might as well! lol. I do know a lot of firms and media and thats why I always get invites. Leave me all your info or email me to see what can we collaborate in? PR is an exciting field!
      Xoxo, Dee!!


      1. honey, thats so cool youre having a youtube channel! but you should be careful, theres a lot of creeps out there! :/ maybe think about having a password or something…


      2. Yeah, well I’ve had one before and I dealt with creeps. I mean yeah it’s really scary and creepy but I just block and report the creepsss….


      1. haha, thank you. Stupid haul will not upload. and the camera is all weird. i know what my christmas present is…. a canon camera, sony is sooo weird. anyway, video rant on monday. my comeback



  2. love the silver bag and accessories, they go so well together! and thanks for giving WFBC a great shout out! Glad to have you contributing xxx


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