NBC’s Fashion Star Is Casting!!!


I’m beyond excited to announce to all my fellow bloggers, readers and designers that NBC’s Fashion Star is having an open call casting for Season 2!!

This is one of my fave shows because is full of fashion, designing and creativity. I had the immense pleasure to interview Kara Laricks, season 1 winner, and not only is she an incredibly talented designer but also an amazing human being.

So, I’m really looking forward to a new season with up and coming designers, runway shows and unseen talent.


Some of the Details!!

* June 30th in L.A
* July 14th in NYC
* July 15th in Dallas
* July 21st in Atlanta and San Francisco
* July 22nd in Chicago
* July 28th in Miami!!

If You Can’t Attend:
* Make An Audition Video

Some of the Requirements:
* 2 to 10 ready-to-wear fashion forward articles of clothing designed by YOU!
* Current Lookbook and/or Portfolio
* Completed and Signed Application
* Copy of ID and a Current Photo

I Hope YOU Take Advantage of This Amazing Opportunity! And/Or Share With Everyone You Know Who Designs!! 😉

Remember it’s Always a Matter of Class Not Cash!!

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Enjoy & Share!!




20 thoughts on “NBC’s Fashion Star Is Casting!!!

    1. you def have to!! the show is super cool! thy design and have a runway show everytime!! I interviewed Kara Laricks, thr winner and designer for H&M, Macys and Saks, so stay tuned fkr that post!!


    1. You must def have to! watch recaps through youtube maybe? the clothes were amazing and a fashion show every time?! you cant beat that! I exclusively interviewed season one winner Kara Laricks so stay tuned for that post 😉


  1. I can tell that you simply comprehend this topic, nicely written and nice job. I am thinking this is the greatest post I have read in your blog yet. I will check back typically, I am glad I came across your internet site.


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