FOOTD: Bambina School Hunting!!

I’ve been a little bit MIA for the past couple of days because I’ve been school hunting for my bambina!!  My 4yr old daughter is going into PreK4, where did time go??!!, and nobody told me enrolling time was back in February!

Fast forward 3 months and old Dee finds herself stalking schools and finding out that tons of them already have a waiting list longer than the one for the Birkin Bag!


I know children don’t come with a manual but at least they should come with a social schedule. It would for sure make my life easier!

In this adventure, cause it has been a hell of one, I’ve found a few good private schools and tons of not so good ones, but at the end it comes out to their facilities and staff.



Now, I don’t mind saying bye bye to my future loubies in order for my children to have a good education, but OMG they should def be worth the money. Some schools I visited, charge an arm and a leg for oxidize chairs, rotten tables and for playgrounds that are older than my granddaddy!!

Anyways, back to fashion! I know all My Frugalicious Outfit of the Day have been a parade of jeans and tops, but I’m not pretending to be who I’m not or to portray a life I don’t have anymore.


Honestly, 3 yrs ago my life was all about parties, events, dinners, work, and such, but now I find it more and more difficult to have adult time, and when running with 2 kids I have to feel fashionable but mostly comfy. 🙂

*Viggos jeans from Nordstrom.
*Vintage Striped Tee.
*F21 leopard wedges.


*Marc Jacobs Black & Gold Handbag.
*Marc Jacobs sunglasses.
*Michael Kors leopard/black reversible belt.

*Marc by Marc Jacobs Studs.
*Adia Kibur Mixed Gold Chains Necklace
*Jewelmint ‘Bambina Cameo’ Statement Ring.
*Michael Kors leopard watch.
*Juicy Couture ‘Lucky Charms’ Bracelet.
*Jewelmint ‘Houdini’ Bracelet which can also be used as handcuffs!



Any adventures this week? Remember: It’s always a Matter of Class Not Cash!!

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Enjoy & Share!!

Xoxo, DTHF♥




34 thoughts on “FOOTD: Bambina School Hunting!!

    1. Your hair is pretty! Hostly my hair grows super fast!!! I cut it every month about 4 fingers and keeps on growing but is less thick! I just had a baby and apparebtly hormones arebcrazy so ive lost a lot of my hair (quantity wise). Just cut it often and I guess that would help 🙂


      1. I’ll try that. My hair does not grow fast at all! It’s been the same length for the past year. I’ll try to cut it more often, bit by bit


    1. Omg im pratically living in.those lately!! This jeand should be called vintage cause ive had them for like 3 yrs but theyre alwys my go-to when feelimg mommy like 🙂 comfy yet stylish, as a mom you know thats a must! Im a huge advocate for nordstrom so def pay them a visit! Their savvy and bp dept has amazing and affordable trendy stuff.
      Would you mind giving me outfit ideas for an event?


  1. you have such beautiful long hair! also, im wondering how did you get those little “haute links” at the bottom of your page? Is it a widget?


  2. I really like the black/gold ensemble…love that purse and the chunky watch. For the life of me, I cannot wear more than one bracelet on one arm 😉 That leopard belt is HOT


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