Manis and Music: A Yellow Submarine Homage!

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The Beatles are renown music icons and one of my all-time favorite bands! I have been their fan since I was a baby because my mom is, what we would call now, a Beatliver :) You can only imagine how much she freaked out when I met Stella McCartney! In a time of war and social changes, these 4 British stars shook the world with their flawless hair and up-tempo beats; however, their influence goes beyond timeless tunes and fashion-forward clothes. They were an inspiration that brought honest and heartfelt lyrics to a generation seeking for love, peace and unity.


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Marvelous Mode: Yummy Candy Corn DIY Nails!!

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We have been speedily and consistently witnessing the growth of the nail design craze!! From YouTube tutorials, to blog posts, to nails salons, this fun trend can make an outfit go from blah to boom!!  Some salons charge a hefty price for the seasonal update (from $50 to $130), I mean, who can’t forget Kelly Osbourne’s $250K black diamond nails! Others are more frugalicious, like NailBar Midtown, and charge about $25; however, for those without the cash or outside of Miami, I have your solution in a simple and fast Nail DIY!

I have decided to do a super quick and easy Halloween or Harvest nail tutorial!! Its inspired on my Ombre Nails Previous Post which has all the exact steps on how to do shaded nails! This time I went for a Yummy Candy Corn color combo, orange/yellow, and added a bit of glitter to this fun Nail DIY!! I spent $4 in all 3 colors (thank you Target!) and it took me about 15 mins to do the design. Continue reading