Covergirl & StyleCoalition Unite For a Haute Lounge!

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During my amazing trip to New York City, for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, I had the incredible opportunity to play blogger-model for some brands including Covergirl and StyleCoalition. The invitation to attend their ultra VIP bloggers-only lounge came at a great time as the exhausting schedule of shows was draining my energy!


Not only was the lounge located at the iconic Empire Hotel, home of Chuck Bass during Gossip Girl, which its 2 steps away from the Lincoln Center. The soiree was packed with beauty experts ready to do our hair, make-up and nails. I received the luxurious treatments while sipping on champagne, savoring delish plates, uploading photos on the new TouchSmart by Hewlett-Packard, getting my step and repeat pics taken, and watching the live streams of the MBFW shows. Continue reading

Spotted & Snapped at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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It has been an incredible week and I can’t wait to share all the amazing trends, runway shots, interviews, and of course, outfits! The street-style that I saw was unbelievable. From bold colors to ridiculously high heels, the trend-setters took Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York by storm (literally) and battled out the awful Nemo blizzard in style! I could not stay behind, and although I must admit the weather ruined some of my choice of footwear, I had a great time enjoying the shows and the ambience. Continue reading

Pop of Color at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York

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It has been an intense week! Beautiful New York City received me with open arms and an immense amount of snow; however, that has not stopped this Haute Frugalista from attending the most amazing runway shows and fashion presentations inside and outside the Lincoln Center.


Here is a short sneak peek of my fashion choices for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New york!! This photo was from the event with Cher Coulter, celebrity stylist and co-founder of Jewelmint, during the Scoop NYC and AG jeans Launch. If you have followed my Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Tumblr, you know I have been out and about! If not, then head over there so you don’t miss the fun! Continue reading

Marvelous Mode: Reem Acra

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week its one of the most anticipated fashion events in the world. Paris, Milan, London and New York, are among the elite locations chosen to showcase the exclusive designs from the most recognized and prestige Fashion Houses.


From Dior, Chanel, Prada, Versace, Carolina Herrera to Valentino, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta, this spectacular places become the home to jet-setters, celebrities and fashionistas alike who seek to indulge in a feast of accessories, separates and Haute Couture dresses! One designer than always impresses me is Reem Acra. This Lebanese creative force has an eye for feminine silhouettes, intricate embellishments and soft fabrics, all intertwined with a modern-edgy twist.

Reem Acra’s Ready-To-Wear and Pre-Fall collections are filled with gowns fit for a princess and suits perfect for a business woman, but what never seems to be missed its the sense that no matter what their role is, they are the epitome of the femme fatale. Reem Acra has been able to establish herself as one of the most sought-after designers, because of a continuous vision that allows women to feel beautiful, elegant, classy and always captivating.

The mysticism and allure in Acra’s designs, keeps editors guessing and fashionistas coveting every one of her pieces, giving her a deserved spot next to the already well-known power houses. Here is a compilation of some of the best looks from the Pre-Fall 2013 (white drop), Fall 2012 Ready-To-Wear (red drop) and Spring 2013 Ready-To-Wear Collections (blue drop). The modern aesthetics, flattering silhouettes and beaded work are nothing short of fabulous!

Have you attended any events during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week? How was your experience? Remember: It’s Always A Matter of Class Not Cash!
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Hola Fashionistas!

La Semana de la Moda Mercedes-Benz es uno de los eventos de moda más anticipados del mundo. Milán, Londres, París y Nueva York son algunas de las ciudades élite que han sido elegidas para mostrar los exclusivos diseños de las casas de moda más reconocidas y prestigiosas que existen.


Desde Dior, Chanel, Prada, Versace y Carolina Herrera hasta Valentino, Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta y Marc Jacobs, estas espectaculares locaciones se convierten en el hogar de jet-setters, celebridades y amantes de la moda que buscan darse el gusto de admirar una variedad de accesorios, piezas y vestidos de Alta Costura. Una diseñadora que siempre me impresiona es Reem Acra. Esta Lebanesa tiene un ojo para las siluetas femeninas, los adornos intricados y las telas suaves mezcladas con un toque moderno y atrevido (edgy).


Las colleciones Pret-a-Porter y de otoño de Reem Acra están llenas de vestidos de noche dignos de una princesa y trajes perfectos para una empresaria, pero sin importar el estilo algo muy único es que siempre representan el epítome de la Femme Fatale. Reem Acra ha logrado establecerse como una de las diseñadoras más buscadad debido a su continua visión de ayudar a las mujeres a sentirse hermosas, elegante, con clase y siempre cautivadoras.


El misticismo y encanto de los diseños de Reem Acra mantiene a los editores interesados y a los fashionistas deseando cada una de sus piezas, lo cuál le ha dado un merecido lugar al lado de las más reconocidas casas de moda. Aquí tenemos una compilación de algunos de los mejores diseños de las colecciones del Pre-Fall 2013 (Otoño/blanco), Otoño 2012 RTW (Pret-a-Porter/rojo) y Primavera 2013 RTW (Pret-a-Porter/blue). La estética moderna, siluetas halagadoras y los bordados en cuentas y cristales, son fabulosos!

Haz atendido alguno de los eventos de Mercedes-Benz? Como fué tu experiencia? Recuerda: Es Siempre Una Cuestión de Estilo No De Economía! ♥Sígueme en Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Tumblr: HauteFrugalista♥
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