Haute Feature: Clarins Double Serum Hydric and Lipidic System!

Hello My Friends!
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Clarins its one of the leading beauty and skin care lines in the world. It is very respected because they base their products on intensive research, extraordinary quality and powerful results, and the new Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate it’s not the exception. This innovative formula combines Hydric (water-based) and Lipidic (oil-based) components on the same bottle, giving you access to two different type of ingredients in the same skin care system. The serum its a potent one. Does not contain emulsifiers (meaning you get more product for your money), mimics the skin’s dual oil and water nature and the formula it’s easily absorbed.

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Covergirl & StyleCoalition Unite For a Haute Lounge!

Hello My Beauties!!
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During my amazing trip to New York City, for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, I had the incredible opportunity to play blogger-model for some brands including Covergirl and StyleCoalition. The invitation to attend their ultra VIP bloggers-only lounge came at a great time as the exhausting schedule of shows was draining my energy!


Not only was the lounge located at the iconic Empire Hotel, home of Chuck Bass during Gossip Girl, which its 2 steps away from the Lincoln Center. The soiree was packed with beauty experts ready to do our hair, make-up and nails. I received the luxurious treatments while sipping on champagne, savoring delish plates, uploading photos on the new TouchSmart by Hewlett-Packard, getting my step and repeat pics taken, and watching the live streams of the MBFW shows. Continue reading