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New York has been below zero temperatures for the past 2 weeks. Needless to say, New York Fashion Week was anything, but a breeze. After noticing -read stalking because of FOND, how cold it really was, I couldn’t help but feel a little glad I saw it from my 70 degree weather! This year, I had too may family commitments that would not allow me to travel on those dates, so I decided to share this outfit I didn’t post from last year where I layered like a pro! I wore a silk long sleeve shirt under a crop top – yes your read that right -, a skirt with wool lined leggings, a faux-fur Eskimo parka, and high-knee leather boots. The trick is to go for easy-going fabrics that will warm you up without making you look bulky, and to go for a color scheme that complements each other.


What made me sad, besides not spending my 30th bday with my best friends, was that I was not going to be able to close my MBFW chapter in a  proper way. As you might know already, New York Fashion Week will no longer be sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, or be held at the Lincoln Center. I have nothing, but fond memories, from the event formerly known as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. I met people who I totally adore, was able to interview amazing designers, see the most fabulous fashion shows, and learn so much more about this industry that I feel proud to be part of.

It has been a crazy hectic 2 weeks twice a year for the past 3 years, and I wouldn’t change anything about this incredible journey. Sometimes in life we need closure to move on with new life stages and projects, and is only fair to say goodbye reminiscing of the good times, and learning from the challenging ones. I am looking forward to the changes and welcoming them with open arms! Remember: It’s Always a Matter of Class Not Cash! ♥Follow Me On Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin & Tumblr: HauteFrugalista♥ or Email Me To
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New York ha estado en temperaturas bajo cero por las últimas 2 semanas, así que la Semana de la Moda en Nueva York fue todo menos una brisa. Luego de perseguir todos los eventos por la web, debido a mi FOND, me senti aliviada de no haberme metido en ese frio. Este año tuve muchos compromisos familiars que no me permitieron attender por eso les comparto este atuendo de la temporada pasada donde aprendí a cubrirme con diferentes capas como una pro! Me coloque una blusa de seda debajo de un top corto- que no parece para nada-, una falda con leggings cubiertas en lana, una parka estilo esquimal de piel falsa, y botas altas de cuero. El truco está en mezclar telas livianas para que te calientes sin verte abrumada, y usar colors que vayan bien juntos.

Lo que me entristeció más fué no poder pasar mi cumple con mis mejores amigos y no cerrar el capítulo de MBFW de una manera apropiada. Como ya sabrás, New York Fashion Week ya no será patrocinada por Mercedes-Benz, ni será realizada en el Lincoln Center. Todos mis recuerdos son muy agradables ya que conocí personas maravillosas, entrevisté grandes diseñadores, vi de cerca las colecciones de moda más espectaculares, y aprendí muchísimo sobre esta industria en la que me manejo. 


Han sido 2 semanas locas dos veces al año por los ultimos 3 años, y no cambiaría nada de esta experiencia tan incredible que he vivido. Aveces en la vida necesitamos cerrar nuestros capítulos para poder seguir adelante con nuevos projectos y etapas de nuestras vidas, y lo mejor es recordar los buenos momentos, y tomar nota de las dificultades que hemos pasado en ese tiempo. Mientras miro hacía el future no puedo evitar emocionarme por lo nuevo que ha de venir! Recuerda: Es Siempre Una Cuestión de Estilo No De Economía! ♥Sígueme en Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin & Tumblr: HauteFrugalista♥
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Cleopatra Meets Mona Lisa at Louvre!

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Paris has always been one of favorite places to visit. The architecture, art, scenery, and fashion, have lured me in since very young. Walking the city makes you feel as if you were going back in time, and everything around it recalls a specific moment in history, and makes you feel welcomed to become part of it. As you can tell, I am a total history buff. I believe that knowing where we come from, helps us see where we are going, and make better choices about our future. There is a saying that goes: “those who don’t know their story, are sentenced to repeat it”, and I for one, wouldn’t like to walk someone else’s path.

Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa Meets Cleopatra (My Necklace)!

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa Meets My Cleopatra Necklace (!

At times we think we aren’t supposed to do something, or be somewhere, but I believe we are always meant to. I have learned that only by jumping, aka taking chances, and having faith that God or the Universe will be there to catch us, it’s that we are able to surpass our expectations for a happy and successful life. Continue reading

MBFW Swim 2014: Bold Colorblock!

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My 1st stop during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014 was the Ford Beauty Suite presented by Ford Models and Fake Bake. Hosted at the exclusive Soho Beach House in Miami, I had a full day of nails, hair, amazing makeup by Ethian Hugo, and tons of fantastic goodies to take home with me! I chose this fabulous dress from PrettyODD Boutique because its fresh, delicate, feminine and ultra-chic. The trendy color-block pattern makes it the perfect choice for the summery day and the vintage gold belt makes it an easy transition to night outfit.


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Fashion Trends: Rosettes in Winter

Hello Frugalistas!
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Everyone has a personal style. A unique way of showing their perspective on fashion, colors, prints and shapes. For me, it’s all about been eclectic and mixing uber-feminine pieces with edgy accessories. I love creating the contrast between classic silhouettes and bolder styles, giving to any design a fresher upgrade in a second! Sometimes we play it safe with neutral colors and pops of vibrant ones, and sometimes we go all out there combining textures and prints. 

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Designer Spotlight: Thale Blanc by Deborah Sawaf

Hello Haute Fashionistas!,
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The current style market has become over saturated with designers and labels. Even though the mass production of on-trend pieces has made fashion accessible to everyone, it has also taken the uniqueness factor out of the equation. The access to light-speed technology has made consumers more aggressive about the rapid acquisition of their desired goods, making craftiness take a back seat over shipping deadlines. That its one of the reasons why I felt so delighted and impressed when I walked into the Thale Blanc preview at the Trump International in New York. The view was breathtaking and it complemented perfectly the beautiful designs Deborah Sawaf, creator of Thale Blanc, had laid out across the suite.

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