Don’t White Out, Make It Pop Out!

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There is this so call rule that wearing white after Labor Day is a no-no in the fashion world, so I ask you: Have you seen the emerging trends lately? Mixing of stripes and flores was unthinkable, yet we have seen it done in a very chic way. Color-Blocking was not appropriate until all the major fashion houses started combining the most amazing shades in one  piece bringing my love for mint and pink together. Now we have Nomcore, which I have affectionately renamed MOMCore, because after all it was probably a very chic mom running errands with 2 kids at hand who inspired this “non-fashion” -totally fashionable and ridiculously comfortable- yet pulled together trend.

Monc Boutique White Envelope Shorts| Pretty ODD Digital Top| Hunting Season Clutch| Accessory Fanatic Arm Candy| Coach Wedge

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Cleopatra Meets Mona Lisa at Louvre!

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Paris has always been one of favorite places to visit. The architecture, art, scenery, and fashion, have lured me in since very young. Walking the city makes you feel as if you were going back in time, and everything around it recalls a specific moment in history, and makes you feel welcomed to become part of it. As you can tell, I am a total history buff. I believe that knowing where we come from, helps us see where we are going, and make better choices about our future. There is a saying that goes: “those who don’t know their story, are sentenced to repeat it”, and I for one, wouldn’t like to walk someone else’s path.

Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa Meets Cleopatra (My Necklace)!

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa Meets My Cleopatra Necklace (!

At times we think we aren’t supposed to do something, or be somewhere, but I believe we are always meant to. I have learned that only by jumping, aka taking chances, and having faith that God or the Universe will be there to catch us, it’s that we are able to surpass our expectations for a happy and successful life. Continue reading

Playing with Neutrals at the TRESemmé MBFW Lounge

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One of the best parts of attending a week-long event such as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week its been able to visit the different beauty and technology lounges inside the Lincoln Center. TRESemmé gave away products from their Keratin Smooth and Platinum Strength collection and had a fun photo-booth with super cute props. However, the most special part was that they invited my fave celebrity stylist Marco Peña, Latin ambassador of TRESemmé, so he could create gorgeous looks at the Jenny Packman, Tracy Reese and Nanette Lepore runway shows!

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