Dee as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s!

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Audrey Hepburn were a match made in Hollywood heaven.  Holly Golightly, played by Hepburn, is one of the most iconic characters in film history. The carefree New York “socialite”, seduced the audience with her pearls, diamonds and cigarette holder, all wrapped in the most sought-after piece of clothing of all times: The Little Black Dress. Even 50 years later, the imagery and styling of this movie it’s still relevant and influential in the world of fashion and beauty, and I could not miss the opportunity to play dress-up for a day!

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Frugalicious Fashion: A High-Low Affair!

Hello Fashionistas!!
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I rarely ever go with the trends. I have this thing where if I see everyone wearing a certain type of fashion or accessory, I just put it in the back of my closet until further notice. I think there isn’t anything worst for a true fashionista than going somewhere and encountering someone wearing the same shirt, dress or shoes!! This year, I have done that with lace dresses, jewelry with skulls or beads and neons. However, if there is one trend I’m beyond glad it’s everywhere it’s the High-Low hem.


I have been a fan of this style for years because it complements my shape well and it gives that sexy short look without the showing-too-much-butt trashiness. It feels elegant, feminine, sophisticated and young, everything that I look for in fashion! I’ve had dresses and skirts in this hem for a while even-though they are hard to find; but not anymore, thanks to the huge comeback this trend has made, now I can find it everywhere! Continue reading

Social Spotlight: BDRY BlowBar Giveaway!!

Hello My Stylish Friends!
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Who doesn’t love supermodel looking hair, a manageable mane and perfect styling? I certainly do! There isn’t a thing that makes me feel more polished than having my hair looking flawless! It doesn’t happen very often, as it takes me too long to blow dry my hair, but when it does its usually a professional’s doing! Enter here my new go-to obsession: Bdry Blow Bar! Look at my before and after pics!! From dull looking hair to shiny locks! Its INSANE!!

I’m totally in love with this Miami Beach salon! Super chic white walls and furniture, mixed with a pop of turquoise accessories, and celebrity hairstylists, make this beauty salon feel like a luxury destination! but wait!, this wouldn’t be a frugalicious post unless there was a bargain included! The prices are out of this world!! $35 for a full blow out or pro make-up application? Sign me in! It’s totally ridic! This place its a best-kept celebrity favorite, and with their array of professional hair care lines and make-up services, it’s no wonder why every fashionista out there is buzzing about it!

I want you to try the amazingness and come back raving like Moi, so I’m giving away 2 gift cards for whatever style or make-up you want! Do you want to feel like a bombshell today? Then the exotic might just be the one for you! perhaps its a business meeting you’ve been waiting for? then the sleek has your name written on it! The best its that this techy-ready salon has ipads in every counter (hello fabulousity!) which are ready with wi-fi for customers to browse pictures, find style inspirations or show their hair crush while sipping on champagne!

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Tailored Threads: Amp Up A Classic Combo!

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If there is one classic “All-American” girl combo is tees and jeans. There are many reasons why this combination is so beloved among frugalistas. They are staple pieces, regardless if used separately or together, that can be used for day or night. A plain t-shirt can serve as focus piece during hot weather or as a layer during colder times. They come in a variety of colors, fabrics and shapes (V-neck/ boat style/ high-neck) that complement everyone’s body type, style and comfort level.

Jeans, on the other side, are simply a must-have on EVERY wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you like pieces that are romantic, edgy, contemporary, vintage or glam, jeans will take you anywhere and through any scenario. The key its to pick the right rinse for the occasion. Lighter denim washes are perfect for day time, darker denim rinse works always, whereas leather coated jeans are perfect for night-time. But wait! where do pastels and bold colors fit in here? Well, let me tell you: ANYTIME! The amazing thing about jeans with designs, patterns (floral/ brocade/ ikat) and in vibrant hues, it’s that they can easily be taken day-to-night!

This time I’m showing you how to amp up the boring jeans & tee combo by using key pieces that will take you from the supermarket to the bar! All you need are the right accessories to turn this 2 piece outfit into 4 different ones!
 * Black tee in V-neck because it’s the most flattering shape for every body type.
* Medium to Dark rinse skinny jeans. These are not your cigarette, super slim fit jeans, but rather the ones that leave room to breath!

1st Look:
Relax-Errands: I need to pick up the dry cleaners, go to the supermarket, get the kids from school, drop off meds for a sick relative, etc.
* Basics
 * Add a single layer necklace which makes the tee look a bit more polished.
* Add a leopard thing belt, because how can we live without a bit of animal print on our outfits, and tuck in the tee on the front.
* Add a men’s inspired watch to give some toughness, and few bracelets or rings.
* the weather call for riding boots, but during warmer climate, a pair of flats or sandals will do fine!
* Perfect handbag: a tote or carryall!

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