Wardrobe Wear: Let The Sparkle Begin!

Hello Frugalistas!
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I hope you enjoyed my Holiday Shopping Guide 101 with the best tips and tricks to save big on your holiday buying spree, as well as, my Cyber Gift Guide with the most frugalicious treats for yourself or loved ones! In the spirit of continuing this remarkable streak, I’m bringing you the most sough-after sparkly goodies that will leave everyone breathless and your pocket full! Here are some staple pieces, all with a bit of shine on them, that will get you through this much hectic season! I chose Forever 21 because they have great customer service, shipping its pretty fast and free over $50, and their products are frugaliciously trendy! I’ve included dresses, pants, tops, shoes, jewelry and blazers! Everything that you will need to look and feel fabulous without breaking the bank since its all under $32.80!

If you need any assistance with any fashion or beauty related dilemma, please feel free to email me hautefrugalista@gmail.com at anytime!, it would be my pleasure to help you! Remember: It’s Always A Matter of Class Not Cash!
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Long Black Chiffon Dress $24.80


Sequined Mesh Back Dress $32.80


Shimmering Paillette Tank $12.50


Banded Sequined Back Ribbon Tank $15.80


Metallic Single Button Blazer $29.80


Sequined Lapel Blazer $32.80


Hola Frugalistas!

Espero hayan disfrutado my Guía de Compras Navideñas con los mejores consejos y trucos para ahorrar en esta temporada, así como mi Guía de Regalos para tus familiares y amigas, o para ti misma. En el espíritu de continuar con esta tendencia de compras, he decidido hacer una compilación de la moda que ouedes usar en estas celebraciones sin tener que gastar demasiado. Aquí tienes una lista de las piezas mas importantes para tu guardarropa navideño que te ayudaran a verte hermosa durante las festividades y a sobrepasar estas semanas tan agitadas con mucho estilo. Escogí Forever21 porque es una tienda con excelente servicio al consumidor, tienen envios rápidos y gratis para compras de más de $50, y además sus productos están en las tendencias sin romper el bolsillo. Esta lista contiene vestidos, blusas, zapatos, joyas, chaquetas y pantalones todos con un poquito de brillo para que luzcas reluciente y por menos de $32.80 para que no te sientas culpable al comprarlos!!

Si necesitas ayuda o tienes alguna pregunta de moda o belleza, mandame un email a hautefrugalista@gmail.com y sera mi placer ayudarte! Recuerda: Es Siempre Una Cuestión de Estilo No De Economía! ♥Sígueme en Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Tumblr: HauteFrugalista♥
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Jacquard Metallic Capris $24.80


Rhinestoned Tuxedo Striped Pants $17.80


Metallic Mesh Pumps $17.36


Glittered Heels Ankle Boots $20.86


Tribal Pattern Boomerang Necklace $6.80


Luxe Stone Necklace $9.80


Wearable Whims: Ludovika Koch for Art Basel

Hello Frugalistas!
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Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 was an incredible experience. The art, the designs, the parties and also the fashion. During this time of the year, fashionistas and jet-setters come to Miami to showcase their most daring and artsy outfits, and enjoy the cool weather.


Ludovika Koch is a young fashion designer and model who really caught my eye. Her creative and inspiring designs are innovative and very reminiscent of the androgynous pieces from Jean Paul Gauthier and Christian Dior. Despite of been so young, Koch is a very creative and innovative girl who knows how to use different materials, textures and artistic techniques to create fashion masterpieces. Her talent its undeniable and her fascination with vibrant colors, flora and fauna make her designs very romantic, feminine and sophisticated. Ludovika uses fashion as a way of creating vivid art by turning the fabrics into living canvases. Continue reading

Tailored Threads: Amp Up A Classic Combo!

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If there is one classic “All-American” girl combo is tees and jeans. There are many reasons why this combination is so beloved among frugalistas. They are staple pieces, regardless if used separately or together, that can be used for day or night. A plain t-shirt can serve as focus piece during hot weather or as a layer during colder times. They come in a variety of colors, fabrics and shapes (V-neck/ boat style/ high-neck) that complement everyone’s body type, style and comfort level.

Jeans, on the other side, are simply a must-have on EVERY wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you like pieces that are romantic, edgy, contemporary, vintage or glam, jeans will take you anywhere and through any scenario. The key its to pick the right rinse for the occasion. Lighter denim washes are perfect for day time, darker denim rinse works always, whereas leather coated jeans are perfect for night-time. But wait! where do pastels and bold colors fit in here? Well, let me tell you: ANYTIME! The amazing thing about jeans with designs, patterns (floral/ brocade/ ikat) and in vibrant hues, it’s that they can easily be taken day-to-night!

This time I’m showing you how to amp up the boring jeans & tee combo by using key pieces that will take you from the supermarket to the bar! All you need are the right accessories to turn this 2 piece outfit into 4 different ones!
 * Black tee in V-neck because it’s the most flattering shape for every body type.
* Medium to Dark rinse skinny jeans. These are not your cigarette, super slim fit jeans, but rather the ones that leave room to breath!

1st Look:
Relax-Errands: I need to pick up the dry cleaners, go to the supermarket, get the kids from school, drop off meds for a sick relative, etc.
* Basics
 * Add a single layer necklace which makes the tee look a bit more polished.
* Add a leopard thing belt, because how can we live without a bit of animal print on our outfits, and tuck in the tee on the front.
* Add a men’s inspired watch to give some toughness, and few bracelets or rings.
* the weather call for riding boots, but during warmer climate, a pair of flats or sandals will do fine!
* Perfect handbag: a tote or carryall!

Continue reading

Frugalicious Fashion: JLo+Teeology=TV Interview!!

Hello My Frugalistas!!
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I love to feel comfortable while looking stylish, and when I was invited to exclusively preview Teeology, I couldn’t refuse! Let’s begin with saying the brand its personally curated by Jennifer Lopez (Yes!, That JLo!) and designer Erica Zohar! Ms. JLo has been ‘Spotted’ wearing them everywhere during her world tour! The concept its amazing!!! Graphic designers from all over the world submit their designs and people vote for their favorite ones! So, if you are a fashion forward and creative graphic designer, now you know what to do!!

The winners get paid, recognized with their names on the printed tees and the chance to have their work actually worn!! They can send as many designs as they like and only a limited edition of each design its manufactured, which means fresh and current content!! Now, this wouldn’t be THF unless the prices were totally frugalicious, right?!! Well my friends, Teeology seeks the haute frugalistas of the world, and to reach that, they have priced their gorg tees from $20 to $40!!! They are 100% cotton, super comfy, come in different shapes and styles, and the designs are amazing!! I don’t know about you but I’m SOLD!

During the preview I was interviewed, because you know I’m a style expert and all that! jk!, for NBC6 and Telemundo51 and here are the links to the videos!
http://www.telemundo51.com/entretenimiento/videos/Jennifer-Lopez-Teeology-175280681.html?vid=a I hope you enjoy how I styled one of the tees and my take on Teeology! Continue reading