Green Sans Envy, Brings Harmony!

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My life could perfectly be titled 50 Shades of Green. This gorgeous shade has become one my favorite, and go-to tones, for many reasons. Mint gives me a sense of serenity, deep Emerald makes me feel alluring, Hunter connects me to my empowered self, while Jade brings out the best in me! This color, aside from matching and complementing my eyes, skin tone and hair color, helps me align my energy.


Style Saves event wearing Pretty ODD Boutique and Mint & Lolly Necklace

Aside from been a precious stone, Jade, is known in Feng Shui for its calming and balancing properties. This stone is used to bring good luck, harmony and protection, which it’s why is the preferred stone for jewelry and charms. The meaning of Jade is purity and gentleness, and that is something that deeply connects with my mantra of “Love and Accept Yourself and Others”, so I often choose to carry something that reminds me of this valuable lesson.

Do you connect with any stones or colors? What do you think about Feng Shui? Remember: It’s Always a Matter of Class Not Cash! ♥Follow Me On Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin & Tumblr: HauteFrugalista♥ Enjoy & Share!
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Clarins "Opalescence Beauty" event with blogger friends Tatiana Torres, Daniela Ramirez, Rosy Cordero and Ria Michelle.

Clarins “Opalescence Beauty” event with blogger friends Tatiana Torres, Daniela Ramirez, Rosy Cordero and Ria Michelle.

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Mi vida debería titularse “50 Tonos De Verde” ya que este hermoso color es uno de mis favoritos. El menta me da una sensación de serenidad, el esmeralda me hace sentir seductora, el militar me conecta con mi fortaleza interior, mientras que el Jade saca lo mejor de mí! Este tono además de complementar mi piel, ojos y color de cabello, me ayuda a alinear mis energías.

Tommy Hilfiger "Spring 2014" event with fashionista friends Andrea Minsky, Claudia Betancour, Marcela Alma, Rosy Cordero and Candela Ferro

Tommy Hilfiger “Spring 2014″ event with fashionista friends Andrea Minsky, Claudia Betancour, Marcela Alma, Rosy Cordero and Candela Ferro

El Jade, además de ser una piedra preciosa, es conocida en el Feng Shui pos sus propiedades calmantes y balanceadoras. Esta piedra es usads para atraer la buena suerte, armonía y protección, por lo que es muy escogida en joyería y amuletos. El significado de Jade es pureza y delicadeza, y es algo que conecta con mi mantra de “Ama y Acepta a los Demás y a tí Mismo”, así que me ocasionalmente lo llego para recordar esa lección.

Conectas con alguna piedra o color? Que piensas del Feng Shui? Recuerda: Es Siempre Una Cuestión de Estilo No De Economía! ♥Sígueme en Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin & Tumblr: HauteFrugalista♥
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Pretty ODD Boutique Dress| Mint and Lolly Necklace| Helmut Lang Blazer| Michael Kors Booties

2nd photo by Gabriel Sanchez Photography

A Blushed Ugly Duckling Turned Into A Swan!

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Once upon a time, I wore glasses, had braces, suffered from blonde unmanageable curly hair, and was as skinny as a toothpick! My personal transformation went beyond a physical change. It meant growing emotionally, professionally, and accepting my flaws while embracing my good qualities. Although I have blossom, I still don’t take myself too seriously, and compliments still manage to make giddy like a little girl. When I’m flattered, I get totally blushed! Can’t help but turn red like a tomato, feel hot like if I was on fire, and become somewhat claustrophobic. Needless to say, I don’t take compliments very well. Perhaps I have the Ugly Duckling Complex?…


OOTD: PrettyODD Boutique Tulle Dress| Charlotte Russe Turquoise Stone Belt| Christian Louboutin Raffia Heels| Forever21 Necklace| Accessory Fanatic Bracelets

So, what better way to get over that trauma than by turning into a swan? For me, nothing makes me feel more like a princess than wearing some tulle, which it’s why I love this black and blush PrettyODD Boutique dress.
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How To Get Luminous Skin!

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This is a campaign in collaboration with Dove and Latina Bloggers Connect but all opinions and experiences are my own!

Lately, I have noticed that my skin needs a little extra love. I guess since I’m more active than usual with events, photos and traveling, the constant use of makeup its taking a toll on my skin. I suffer only from dry skin. It might sound like a blessing, but in fact, as we get older it could turn into a total curse. Having dry skin means that you are more likely to get wrinkles, lose elasticity, lack collagen, and therefore look older way faster.


Nobody wants that! The older we get, the younger we want to look! That’s why I’m offering you my tips for Luminous Skin and the ones that I learned from Dr. Barba from @ViveMejor during the #MujerDove twitter party with Dove. Also, on my Clearly Starstruck With Dove post I asked everyone to share their tips for luminous skin. Check the pics of my fave ones so far! Continue reading

Clearly Starstrucked With Dove!

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This is a campaign in collaboration with Dove and Latina Bloggers Connect but all opinions and experiences are my own!

Confidence: the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something. What do you rely on? Yourself? Your family? Perhaps your significant other? How many times have you questioned your trust in yourself? How often do you wonder if you are been confident or if others perceive you as been confident? Having that trust in oneself determines our path, whether that might be career or love, because it gives us the push to go after what we want and believe in it. But its easier said than done…

When I had my children, part of that confidence in myself, slipped away. Sleepless nights, no “me” time and body changes, can take a toll in the way you see yourself. It did on me and getting that back has been one of the hardest things to do. Early this year, I had a small injury under my arm which left me with a dark mark. I think that was the last drop for me. Feeling embarrassed of even saying hi from afar, specially when you are as bubbly as me, it’s not a cool thing at all! That’s when I found my new BFF: Dove Clear Tone.


OOTD: Charlotte Russe Blouse, Alma Mei Skirt, Christian Louboutin Pumps, Jessica Simpson Clutch, Accessory Fanatic Necklace & Bracelets

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A Divina Latina Allures with Sequins and Feathers!

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This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Unilever and Latina Bloggers Connect but all opinions and experiences are my own!

In case you didn’t know, my name is actually Diana (Dee is my alter ego). Diana means divine, luminous, heavenly, which I might say its one of the reasons why I love my name. Diana was the Roman goddess (Artemis in Greek mythology) of fertility and the moon. However, I think feeling divine its more than having a physical presence, it’s about been self-secure, and that’s why I feel like a Divina Latina. A Divina Latina is a multi-tasker modern woman who has goals while maintaining her values. She is confident, smart about her choices and always seeking to empower others.

I’m Colombian hence the Latina fire in the mix, and as a Divina Latina, I’m always red carpet ready. I have many tricks, but 2 that I cannot leave without are: seductive scents and flawless makeup. I must admit, I have fallen in love with Caress Tempting Whisper because the sweet fragrance of white peony and black plum linger in your skin all day. Its like pheromones in a bottle! Don’t ask me what they have put in there, but trust me, its like the soap version of a love potion! Now, you know I am a huge advocate of BB and CC creams, and POND’S Luminous Finish BB+ its my new go-to everyday foundation. It has UVA/UVB SPF 15 and great coverage, while leaving skin soft but not greasy!


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