Marvelous Mode: Yummy Candy Corn DIY Nails!!

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We have been speedily and consistently witnessing the growth of the nail design craze!! From YouTube tutorials, to blog posts, to nails salons, this fun trend can make an outfit go from blah to boom!!  Some salons charge a hefty price for the seasonal update (from $50 to $130), I mean, who can’t forget Kelly Osbourne’s $250K black diamond nails! Others are more frugalicious, like NailBar Midtown, and charge about $25; however, for those without the cash or outside of Miami, I have your solution in a simple and fast Nail DIY!

I have decided to do a super quick and easy Halloween or Harvest nail tutorial!! Its inspired on my Ombre Nails Previous Post which has all the exact steps on how to do shaded nails! This time I went for a Yummy Candy Corn color combo, orange/yellow, and added a bit of glitter to this fun Nail DIY!! I spent $4 in all 3 colors (thank you Target!) and it took me about 15 mins to do the design. Continue reading

Trending Tips: ‘Liquid Gold’ As A Beauty Potion!

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Who doesn’t love a little bit of magic in their lives? Magic goes beyond fairy tales. It surpasses us when we spend time with loved ones, enjoy our mother earth or when we are rewarded for our dedication. Leaving philosophy behind, in the world of beauty and wellness there are a plethora of products that promise to do magic for our skin! Many make us dream of being ageless or enchanting enough to put a spell on prince charming, but do they really deliver? And if so, how long will the results last or do they fade as quickly as cinderella’s carriage?

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Thrilling Threads: Ombre Nails 101!!

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I hope your week has been amazing! Ombre is a word that lately we are finding everywhere! From hair to clothes, this french shaded trend suits everyone’s personality and color choices. I love how it’s so versatile and such a great way to add some vibrancy to any ensemble. One thing that I love are Ombre nails! I find it super fun to use different nail polish colors and designs to customize our hands! It is a form of art and a way to creatively express our taste and mood.

I felt inspired, after getting my BCAM pink nails at NailBar in Miami, to continue my pink streak!! I learned a little trick there on how to achieve perfect Ombre nails so I decided to share my little DIY! You are going to need 2 to 3 shades of nail polish, remover and a small sponge. The ones that we use for foundation work wonders! Here are the steps on how I did my own shaded nails for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Continue reading

Thrilling Threads: Fashion 4 A Cause + 2 DIYs!!

Hello My Frugalicious Friends!!
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First, I want to thank you all for the incredible support towards the Think Pink article in Lucky Magazine! It is such an honor to be featured in their Community and help spread the word about Breast Cancer Awareness. Please continue to Vote (top right of the page), Like, Share & Tweet to keep it as Top Story!!

As I previously said, I’m part of an amazing photo campaign for ‘Fashion For A Cause’ which benefits the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation. Myself, along with other fashion bloggers, were asked to style the official tee (designed by my fellow blogger buddy Annie V.) and join Getty Images (MBFW) celebrity photographer Alexander Tamargo at the beautiful Shelborne Hotel. Continue reading