Makeup That Can Take The Heat

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Oh Summer, how come we meet so soon? Time sure flies, and Mother Nature may throw a tantrum and send extra heat our ways, but she will not find us unprepared. I refuse to have my makeup smudge, my skin dehydrated or my eyes looking tired! But first, let’s start with Neutrogena UltraSheer Stick SPF 70 for the face and L’Oreal Paris Invisible Protect Sheer Spray SPF 50 for the body to avoid the damaging sun rays and protect our skin with SPF.

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So, here is my makeup list that will take you from Hot to Haute!

* Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream: The best everyday go-to moisturizer during summer. It has SPF 15 and a light tint that gives enough color and coverage without the heavy look of foundation. Continue reading

Frugal Finds: Top 5 Nail-Art Buys & Designs!

Hello Frugalistas!
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Once upon a time, sadly, nail-art did not exist! The concept of painting our nails consisted on learning how to master the french tip, use only nude/light pink/clear nail polish and keep the wild colors: red (considered for trashy girls) and black (reserved for grunge/punk rockers) out of the medicine cabinet. Thankfully, time and perceptions about what’s acceptable for women have changed! Starting with the many names (polish, lacquer, nail gloss, etc), this old-school trend has turn into a modern-day obsession. Nails are no longer just a body part, they have become an important accessory!


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Covergirl & StyleCoalition Unite For a Haute Lounge!

Hello My Beauties!!
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During my amazing trip to New York City, for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, I had the incredible opportunity to play blogger-model for some brands including Covergirl and StyleCoalition. The invitation to attend their ultra VIP bloggers-only lounge came at a great time as the exhausting schedule of shows was draining my energy!


Not only was the lounge located at the iconic Empire Hotel, home of Chuck Bass during Gossip Girl, which its 2 steps away from the Lincoln Center. The soiree was packed with beauty experts ready to do our hair, make-up and nails. I received the luxurious treatments while sipping on champagne, savoring delish plates, uploading photos on the new TouchSmart by Hewlett-Packard, getting my step and repeat pics taken, and watching the live streams of the MBFW shows. Continue reading

Savvy-Shopping: Cyber Gift Guide Under $98!

Hello My Friends!
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The most anticipated time of the year its right around the corner. The lights, the smell of pine tree, and the visit of estranged relatives, can only mean one thing: Holidays!! This is the time of the year to be filled with joy and spend all our paychecks on gifts for others or little treats for ourselves!

As an add-on to my Holiday Shopping Guide 101, I have a compiled a list, categorized of course!, which includes the best-kept online secrets. An array of web-stores and designers that truly carry stylish, trendy, classy and luxe-looking pieces at frugalicious prices! In addition, I have added a list of my fave go-to stores by amazing fellow bloggers! Please do not forget to check those out and support our blogging community.

Which gifts are on your wishlist? Remember: It’s Always A Matter of Class Not Cash!
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