Wardrobe Wear: Let The Sparkle Begin!

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I hope you enjoyed my Holiday Shopping Guide 101 with the best tips and tricks to save big on your holiday buying spree, as well as, my Cyber Gift Guide with the most frugalicious treats for yourself or loved ones! In the spirit of continuing this remarkable streak, I’m bringing you the most sough-after sparkly goodies that will leave everyone breathless and your pocket full! Here are some staple pieces, all with a bit of shine on them, that will get you through this much hectic season! I chose Forever 21 because they have great customer service, shipping its pretty fast and free over $50, and their products are frugaliciously trendy! I’ve included dresses, pants, tops, shoes, jewelry and blazers! Everything that you will need to look and feel fabulous without breaking the bank since its all under $32.80!

If you need any assistance with any fashion or beauty related dilemma, please feel free to email me hautefrugalista@gmail.com at anytime!, it would be my pleasure to help you! Remember: It’s Always A Matter of Class Not Cash!
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Long Black Chiffon Dress $24.80


Sequined Mesh Back Dress $32.80


Shimmering Paillette Tank $12.50


Banded Sequined Back Ribbon Tank $15.80


Metallic Single Button Blazer $29.80


Sequined Lapel Blazer $32.80


Hola Frugalistas!

Espero hayan disfrutado my Guía de Compras Navideñas con los mejores consejos y trucos para ahorrar en esta temporada, así como mi Guía de Regalos para tus familiares y amigas, o para ti misma. En el espíritu de continuar con esta tendencia de compras, he decidido hacer una compilación de la moda que ouedes usar en estas celebraciones sin tener que gastar demasiado. Aquí tienes una lista de las piezas mas importantes para tu guardarropa navideño que te ayudaran a verte hermosa durante las festividades y a sobrepasar estas semanas tan agitadas con mucho estilo. Escogí Forever21 porque es una tienda con excelente servicio al consumidor, tienen envios rápidos y gratis para compras de más de $50, y además sus productos están en las tendencias sin romper el bolsillo. Esta lista contiene vestidos, blusas, zapatos, joyas, chaquetas y pantalones todos con un poquito de brillo para que luzcas reluciente y por menos de $32.80 para que no te sientas culpable al comprarlos!!

Si necesitas ayuda o tienes alguna pregunta de moda o belleza, mandame un email a hautefrugalista@gmail.com y sera mi placer ayudarte! Recuerda: Es Siempre Una Cuestión de Estilo No De Economía! ♥Sígueme en Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Tumblr: HauteFrugalista♥
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Jacquard Metallic Capris $24.80


Rhinestoned Tuxedo Striped Pants $17.80


Metallic Mesh Pumps $17.36


Glittered Heels Ankle Boots $20.86


Tribal Pattern Boomerang Necklace $6.80


Luxe Stone Necklace $9.80


Savvy-Shopping: Cyber Gift Guide Under $98!

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The most anticipated time of the year its right around the corner. The lights, the smell of pine tree, and the visit of estranged relatives, can only mean one thing: Holidays!! This is the time of the year to be filled with joy and spend all our paychecks on gifts for others or little treats for ourselves!

As an add-on to my Holiday Shopping Guide 101, I have a compiled a list, categorized of course!, which includes the best-kept online secrets. An array of web-stores and designers that truly carry stylish, trendy, classy and luxe-looking pieces at frugalicious prices! In addition, I have added a list of my fave go-to stores by amazing fellow bloggers! Please do not forget to check those out and support our blogging community.

Which gifts are on your wishlist? Remember: It’s Always A Matter of Class Not Cash!
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Trending Tips: Wardrobe Magic!

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In the world of fashion there are many components that help you achieve the perfect look. Staple pieces, multi-functional separates, statement accessories, weather appropriate items and on-trend outfit-makers; but, how can we access all these fabulous things without turning our closets into a war zone? Today I’m sharing some tips and tricks on how to turn your fashion area into a serenity spot!

How To Create The Ultimate Wardrobe Space:
* Organize the Area Into Different Sections: We might all dream of having a guest house just for our clothes, but, unfortunately this isn’t the reality for most of us. First it is to dedicate areas that cover our needs. Basics are: Elegant/Work Blouses, Casual/Sport Shirts, Jackets/Blazers, Dresses, Jeans, Work/Formal Pants, Shorts/Skirts, Loungewear/Sleepwear, Accessories (belts/handbags), Jewelry, No heel shoes and heels.

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Frugalicious Fashion: A High-Low Affair!

Hello Fashionistas!!
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I rarely ever go with the trends. I have this thing where if I see everyone wearing a certain type of fashion or accessory, I just put it in the back of my closet until further notice. I think there isn’t anything worst for a true fashionista than going somewhere and encountering someone wearing the same shirt, dress or shoes!! This year, I have done that with lace dresses, jewelry with skulls or beads and neons. However, if there is one trend I’m beyond glad it’s everywhere it’s the High-Low hem.


I have been a fan of this style for years because it complements my shape well and it gives that sexy short look without the showing-too-much-butt trashiness. It feels elegant, feminine, sophisticated and young, everything that I look for in fashion! I’ve had dresses and skirts in this hem for a while even-though they are hard to find; but not anymore, thanks to the huge comeback this trend has made, now I can find it everywhere! Continue reading