Elite Editorial: Kara Laricks and NBC Fashion Star

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Designer Kara Laricks, winner of NBC’s Fashion Star season 1, has an undeniably unique aesthetics. Her ultra-feminine designs have a menswear inspired androgynous flare, giving fashionistas the option to dress impeccably while breaking gender boundaries. In a very honest interview, Ms. Laricks talked exclusively to The Haute Frugalista, about her journey from school teacher to rising fashion phenomenon, how she gets inspired to create her designs, and much more! I learned that dreams do come true if you work hard, stay true to who you are, and believe in yourself!

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Frugalicious Fashion: My Stella McCartney Interview!

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When given the opportunity during Art Basel to interview and meet the fabulous Stella McCartney, the first thing that comes to mind is: What do I wear??!! To say that I was beyond ecstatic to attend the exclusive event, at Saks Fifth Ave in Boca Raton, its an understatement. I have admired this woman for years. Her poise, talent and creativity are undeniable, and they all run in her blood. My mom, as a notable Beatles fan, raised me admiring her father’s music; however, as I grew up, I became more fascinated with their amazing story and that’s when I discovered her mother Linda McCartney. An incredible photographer, musician and vegetarian cook. I think its fair to say Stella grew up surrounded with an affinity for art, nature and beauty, which she has imprinted in her designs.


Every single piece of Stella McCartney’s collections evokes a story filled with romanticism, classiness and sensitivity for the world. She does not use any type of fur or leather in her designs, rather, she promotes caring for our world through her eco-friendly fashion. Her commitment to save the environment, and protecting the lives of animals, are noticeable with her sustainability and recycling philosophy. Stella, despite the fact that the world prefers fast-attainable resources instead of environmentally-conscious ones, works hard into assuring the materials used in all her collections come from organic, biodegradable, natural or renewable sources. Regardless, if this might mean less profit or worldwide exposure, her company its committed to providing eco-chic alternatives to all frugalistas out there.  photo 1

Stella McCartney has released pocket-friendly collections for Adidas, Gap and H&M. Although her name line collections are a bit above the budget of the average frugalista, the fact that they are long-term wearable and mother earth approved, makes them investment pieces towards the future of our grandchildren.

What do you think about Stella McCartney and her commitment to eco-chic fashion? Remember: It’s Always A Matter of Class Not Cash! ♥Follow Me On Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Tumblr: HauteFrugalista♥ Enjoy & Share!

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Cuando se te da la oportunidad durante Art Basel de conocer y entrevistar a la fabulosa Stella McCartney, lo primero que se viene a la mente es: Que me pongo??!! Decir que estaba super emocionada de atender este evento tan exclusive en Saks Fifth Avenue en Boca Raton es poco! Yo he admirado esta mujer por muchísimos años. Su talento, creatividad y elegancia son innegables, ademas que son características que corren por sus venas. My mamá como una notable fan de los Beatles, me crió admirando su música y soñando con un galán de cabello así. A medida que fui creciendo la historia de esta familia me fascinó mucho más cuando descubrí su madre Linda McCartney. Una increible fotógrafa, música y chef vegetariana. Es justo devir qur Stella creció rodeada por una afinidad hacia el arte, la belleza y la naturaleza, la cual ha dejado impresa en sus diseños.

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Cada pieza de las colecciones de Stella McCartney trae consigo una historia llena de romanticismo, clase y sensibilidad por el mundo. Ella no utiliza piel o cuero en ninguno de sus diseños, en vez, promueve la importancia de mantener limpio nuestro planeta a traves de su moda eco-chic. Su compromiso para salvar el medio ambiente y proteger la vida de los animales es notable en su política de reciclaje y sostenibilidad. Stella trabaja arduamente para asegurarse que los materiales usados en todas su colecciones provengan de fuentes renovable, orgánicas, naturales o biodegradables; esto apesar que la mayoría de empresas prefieren recursos rápidos de obtener en vez de aquellos con conciencia ambiental. Sin importar si esta filosofía significa menos ganancia o publicidad a nivel mundial, su compañía esta comprometida a proveer alternativas eco-chic a todos los frugalistas.

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Stella McCartney ha hecho colecciones para Adidas, Gap y H&M que son accesibles para el bolsillo, sin embargo su linea de alta costura tiene precios que son un poco altos para el frugalista promedio. Vale recalcar que estas piezas hecha de materiales con longevidad, y aprovadas por la madre naturaleza, son una inversion hacia el futuro de nuestros nietos! 

Que te parece el compromiso de Stella McCartney por la moda con conciencia ambiental? Recuerda: Es Siempre Una Cuestión de Estilo No De Economía! ♥Sígueme en Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Tumblr: HauteFrugalista♥
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Photo Courtesy of Ana Ortuno from Chic Streets and Eats

Savvy-Shopping: Cyber Gift Guide Under $98!

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The most anticipated time of the year its right around the corner. The lights, the smell of pine tree, and the visit of estranged relatives, can only mean one thing: Holidays!! This is the time of the year to be filled with joy and spend all our paychecks on gifts for others or little treats for ourselves!

As an add-on to my Holiday Shopping Guide 101, I have a compiled a list, categorized of course!, which includes the best-kept online secrets. An array of web-stores and designers that truly carry stylish, trendy, classy and luxe-looking pieces at frugalicious prices! In addition, I have added a list of my fave go-to stores by amazing fellow bloggers! Please do not forget to check those out and support our blogging community.

Which gifts are on your wishlist? Remember: It’s Always A Matter of Class Not Cash!
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Trending Tips: Wardrobe Magic!

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In the world of fashion there are many components that help you achieve the perfect look. Staple pieces, multi-functional separates, statement accessories, weather appropriate items and on-trend outfit-makers; but, how can we access all these fabulous things without turning our closets into a war zone? Today I’m sharing some tips and tricks on how to turn your fashion area into a serenity spot!

How To Create The Ultimate Wardrobe Space:
* Organize the Area Into Different Sections: We might all dream of having a guest house just for our clothes, but, unfortunately this isn’t the reality for most of us. First it is to dedicate areas that cover our needs. Basics are: Elegant/Work Blouses, Casual/Sport Shirts, Jackets/Blazers, Dresses, Jeans, Work/Formal Pants, Shorts/Skirts, Loungewear/Sleepwear, Accessories (belts/handbags), Jewelry, No heel shoes and heels.

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