DIY Beauty Tips & Tricks: Body Scrub 101!

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As the new year begins we feel the need to leave behind all those things that made us unhappy, unsuccessful or unhealthy. We make resolutions to begin the gym, improving our relationships, eating healthier, following through with goals, trying new hairstyles and maybe even finding some spirituality in the midst of routine. Some have strong wills and some don’t, but in the end, its more about the journey than about the destination itself. One thing I do know, its that we all have the good intention of changing our lives, even if quit the gym 1 week after we started!

There is one to-do thing that couldn’t failed to be on my New Years resolution: Skincare! Since the Holidays are a time for partying, night-owling, & consumption of enormous amount of food and alcohol, our skin takes the toll. Dull face and body, dark circles, breakouts and dry hair are some of the issues that arises after a week of non-stop make-up, overuse of hair products and continuous contact with smoke. Not to worry, I will continue to share my fave DIY beauty tricks that you can prepare from the comfort of your own home!

My Trending Tips Tuesday will be all about DIY Beauty, Skincare and Health, so you can start 2013 with a hold of all the marvelous potions that will make your hair and skin feel and look refresh and reinvigorated!

1st Stop: Body Scrub! which I learned to make after my amazing experience with the Red Flower Scrub Bar inside the ELLE Spa at the Eden Roc Renaissance in Miami Beach!

* Sugar (dry skin) or Salt (oily/ prone to breakouts skin)
* Olive oil, Coconut oil, Carrot Oil, Jojoba oil or Baby oil for a thin consistency. Use Cocoa Butter or Lotion for a thicker version.
* Few drops of an essential oil of your choice that reflects your mood. Orange/Refreshing, Lavender/Calming, Almond/Reinvigorating, Rose/Soothing, Eucalyptus/Awakening, Rosemary/Focusing, Chamomile/Relaxing, Lemon/Uplifting.

* In the shower allowing the steam to open the pores and help the scrub cleanse the surface.
* To exfoliate the skin and get rid of dull skin cells, breakouts and dirt. Essential oils in pure state might be harsh for the delicate face skin so try diluting it first.
* Once a week depending on the skin type. Sensitive skins should try the essential oil on a separate area before usage.

Do you use any scrubs? Have you made any? Please share your recipe! Remember: It’s Always A Matter of Class Not Cash!
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Hola Frugalistas!

Con el comienzo del nuevo año sentimos la necesidad de dejar atrás todas aquellas cosas que nos hicieron infelices, inexitosos o poco saludables. Hacemos resoluciones de comenzar el gimnasio, mejorar nuestras relaciones, comer más saludablemente, seguir las metas, probar nuevos estilos de cabello y hasta encontrar espiritualidad en medio de la rutina. Algunos tienen fuerza de voluntad para llevar acabo sus metas, otros no! Sin embargo lo importante no es el destino sino el camino recorrido para llegar a él.

El cuidado de la piel es una de las cosas que no faltó en mi lista para el 2013. Ya que las navidades son un tiempo para festejar, trasnochar y consumir enormes cantidades de comida y alcohol, nos olvidamos de la importancia de nuestra piel. Aparecen ojeras, el cabello seco, irritaciones en la piel y acné, todo debido al uso constante del maquillaje, sobreuso de productos para el pelo y exposición al humo del cigarrillo o la pólvora.

Pero no te preocupes!! Para comenzar el 2013 con el pie derecho, aquí continuo compartiendo mis trucos de belleza que puedes prepara tu mismo desde la comodidad de tu hogar. Los próximos Trending Tips Tuesday van a ser acerca de Belleza, Salud y Cuidado de la Piel para que tengas las mejores pociones que hará que tu cabello y piel se sientan renovados y frescos.

1ra Parada: Exfoliante Corporal!! Esta receta la aprendí luego de mi increible experiencia en el Bar Exfoliante de Red Flower dentro del Hotel Eden Roc Renaissance en Miami Beach.

* Azucar (para piel seca) o Sal (piel grasosa/ con tendencia al acné)
* Aceite de Oliva, Coco, Zanahoria, Jojoba o de bebé si se quiere una consistencia liviana. Para un exfoliante más denso utiliza Mantequilla de Cocoa o Loción de Piel.
* Algunas gotas de un aceite esencial que refleje tu estado de ánimo. Naranja/Refrescante, Lavanda/Calmante, Almendra/Revitalizante, Rosa/Reconfortante, Eucalipto/Renovante Romero/Enfocante, Manzanilla/Relajante, Limón/Edificante.

* En la ducha dejando que el vapor abra los poros y ayude a que el exfoliante penetre y limpie la superficie.
* Para exfoliar la piel y desahecerse de células muertas, acné e impurezas. Los aceited esenciales en forma pura pueden ser un poco fuertes para la drlicada piel del rostro así que es mejor diluirlo antes de usarlo.
* Una vez por semana dependiendo del tipo de piel. Pieles sensibles e irritables deben probar los aceites esenciales en un área separada antes de usarlos.

Tienes algún exfoliante de tu preferencia? Haz hecho alguno tu mismo? Recuerda: Es Siempre Una Cuestión de Estilo No De Economía! ♥Sígueme en Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Tumblr: HauteFrugalista♥
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Picture of the Red Flower Scrub Bar inside the gorgeous ELLE Spa at the Eden Roc Renaissance in Miami Beach.

Savvy-Shopping: Cyber Gift Guide Under $98!

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The most anticipated time of the year its right around the corner. The lights, the smell of pine tree, and the visit of estranged relatives, can only mean one thing: Holidays!! This is the time of the year to be filled with joy and spend all our paychecks on gifts for others or little treats for ourselves!

As an add-on to my Holiday Shopping Guide 101, I have a compiled a list, categorized of course!, which includes the best-kept online secrets. An array of web-stores and designers that truly carry stylish, trendy, classy and luxe-looking pieces at frugalicious prices! In addition, I have added a list of my fave go-to stores by amazing fellow bloggers! Please do not forget to check those out and support our blogging community.

Which gifts are on your wishlist? Remember: It’s Always A Matter of Class Not Cash!
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Frugalicious Fashion: JLo+Teeology=TV Interview!!

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I love to feel comfortable while looking stylish, and when I was invited to exclusively preview Teeology, I couldn’t refuse! Let’s begin with saying the brand its personally curated by Jennifer Lopez (Yes!, That JLo!) and designer Erica Zohar! Ms. JLo has been ‘Spotted’ wearing them everywhere during her world tour! The concept its amazing!!! Graphic designers from all over the world submit their designs and people vote for their favorite ones! So, if you are a fashion forward and creative graphic designer, now you know what to do!!

The winners get paid, recognized with their names on the printed tees and the chance to have their work actually worn!! They can send as many designs as they like and only a limited edition of each design its manufactured, which means fresh and current content!! Now, this wouldn’t be THF unless the prices were totally frugalicious, right?!! Well my friends, Teeology seeks the haute frugalistas of the world, and to reach that, they have priced their gorg tees from $20 to $40!!! They are 100% cotton, super comfy, come in different shapes and styles, and the designs are amazing!! I don’t know about you but I’m SOLD!

During the preview I was interviewed, because you know I’m a style expert and all that! jk!, for NBC6 and Telemundo51 and here are the links to the videos! I hope you enjoy how I styled one of the tees and my take on Teeology! Continue reading

Marvelous Mode: Yummy Candy Corn DIY Nails!!

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We have been speedily and consistently witnessing the growth of the nail design craze!! From YouTube tutorials, to blog posts, to nails salons, this fun trend can make an outfit go from blah to boom!!  Some salons charge a hefty price for the seasonal update (from $50 to $130), I mean, who can’t forget Kelly Osbourne’s $250K black diamond nails! Others are more frugalicious, like NailBar Midtown, and charge about $25; however, for those without the cash or outside of Miami, I have your solution in a simple and fast Nail DIY!

I have decided to do a super quick and easy Halloween or Harvest nail tutorial!! Its inspired on my Ombre Nails Previous Post which has all the exact steps on how to do shaded nails! This time I went for a Yummy Candy Corn color combo, orange/yellow, and added a bit of glitter to this fun Nail DIY!! I spent $4 in all 3 colors (thank you Target!) and it took me about 15 mins to do the design. Continue reading