Travel To Versailles In Fashion!

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Visiting Paris for Fashion Week is one of my favorite things to do, and having the chance to see so many collections up-close, is definitely a dream come true. The Palace of Versailles is always a must go-to place for many reasons. It is an enchanting spot that makes you feel in between the old and new world. It reminds you of the beauty and decadence, and the tragedy behind one of the most beautiful places in France.

You can breathe and feel the history and the love that accompanies the tumultuous story of Napoleon and Marie Antoinette.


I think this transfers to fashion. There is a reason why French women are notable for their effortlessly chic way of dressing. They mix textures, patterns and colors without fear, but with plenty of class. The level of craftsmanship and attention to details seeing on a Parisian runway are above anything you could imagine. Even up-and-coming designers work with a standard of perfection and sophistication that do not need to be called Couture in order to look and feel like they are.

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Monet with a Side of Leopard!

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My love affair with France goes beyond Paris Fashion Week. It started when I was really young and my mom would talk to me about the world, different cultures and languages. Something I’m diligently doing with my own children! The love grew when I began studying art history, literature and philosophy… That was the moment I learned that there is nothing like experiencing the cultural side of a city, and its nearby towns. Giverny, located in the northern side of France, is home to Claude Monet’s museum and famous gardens. Surrounded by beautiful water lilies dancing on the creeks, and flowers delicately moving with the breeze, I would have to say that is one of those places that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Paris, France. Museum of Claude Monet.

Paris, France. Museum of Claude Monet

Admiring the nature of this very quaint village, is to reminisce of the romantic impressionist paintings Monet left us. As a huge art fanatic, I have to admit that visiting his home made me understand why he was so infatuated with depicting the “seemingly” common process of flora transformation, which is in reality nothing short of breathtaking. Continue reading

Layer Like A Pro!

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New York has been below zero temperatures for the past 2 weeks. Needless to say, New York Fashion Week was anything, but a breeze. After noticing -read stalking because of FOND, how cold it really was, I couldn’t help but feel a little glad I saw it from my 70 degree weather! This year, I had too may family commitments that would not allow me to travel on those dates, so I decided to share this outfit I didn’t post from last year where I layered like a pro! I wore a silk long sleeve shirt under a crop top – yes your read that right -, a skirt with wool lined leggings, a faux-fur Eskimo parka, and high-knee leather boots. The trick is to go for easy-going fabrics that will warm you up without making you look bulky, and to go for a color scheme that complements each other.


What made me sad, besides not spending my 30th bday with my best friends, was that I was not going to be able to close my MBFW chapter in a  proper way. As you might know already, New York Fashion Week will no longer be sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, or be held at the Lincoln Center. I have nothing, but fond memories, from the event formerly known as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. I met people who I totally adore, was able to interview amazing designers, see the most fabulous fashion shows, and learn so much more about this industry that I feel proud to be part of. Continue reading

Looking Back, Moving Forward

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Today we ring in a new year, and I can’t help but look back into what 2014 brought into my life. Many changes in my personal life, growth in my professional life, and tons of new experiences that have shaped me and made me stronger. I had many struggles and difficult moments, but with each of them, came a hug or kiss from my kids. They’re the ones making me move forward into a positive direction, and encouraging me to continue appreciating what really matters in life.

I was able to see my children enjoy so many things that come directly from my work. Like taking my daughter to meet Katy Perry or doing a Johnson’s Baby campaign with her. I had the chance to travel again to Colombia after a long 8yr absence. It was the most uplifting, energizing and reinvigorating press trip because it meant been with family. I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions on fashion, beauty, travel, entertainment and technology for many great publications, and bring exposure to brands I deeply love.

in Paris wearing Charlotte Russe textured skirt, blazer and leopard blouse| Michael Kors boots

in Paris wearing Charlotte Russe textured skirt, blazer and leopard blouse| Michael Kors boots| Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag

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